Best Innovator Award Russia


Innovator Award 2012/2013

Best Innovator Award Russia

Today A.T. Kearney launches the Best Innovator Competition in Russia in partnership with Forbes, the New Economic School, RVC, and SkolkovoTech.

For the first time, Russia is included in the internationally renowned Best Innovator competition initiated by the global top management consulting firm A.T. Kearney. Since its introduction in 2003 the Best Innovator is providing its contestants with a wide array of insights and findings to help them improve their innovation practices, generate growth and enhance competitiveness by looking at innovations from a holistic view — from the innovation strategy, to innovation organization and culture, innovation life cycle management to the enabling factors (including project management approach, product/process improvement management, incentives and compensation system, Knowledge management and IT).

Innovation is the key driver of competitiveness for companies and states alike,”  said Boris Poretskiy, Partner and head of the Strategy, Marketing and Sales Practice of A.T. Kearney in Moscow. “But they need to be embraced, structured and managed by decision makers, and the ability to do this defines winners on a corporate and global arenas. The wider this way of thinking is adopted in Russia the more competitive we are as a country”.

The Best Innovator Russia 2012/2013 will be organized in partnership with Forbes, the New Economic School, RVC, and SkolkovoTech.

We are proud of the partners we could win for launching the Best Innovator in Russia and as well on all the great individuals that volunteered for being members of the Jury — this is with a distance the best selection of Partners and Jury members we ever had at launch of a Best Innovator globally and that shows clearly the importance and the need for investigating how to make innovations fly in the Russian reality,” said Dr. Soeren Grabowski, Principal and Head of the Communications, Media and Technology Practice of A.T. Kearney in Moscow.

Best Innovator winner selection

The Best Innovator selection process will consist of several steps to ensure highest quality and a non-biased selection. The innovation management will be assessed by applying qualitative and quantitative criteria via an online questionnaire and a selection of the finalists via an independent Jury. Companies operating in Russia can register on and fill out the registration form. Afterwards each finalist will be visited by A.T. Kearney experts who will run interviews with the top-management to round-off the assessment of the innovation competence. Finally, the Jury will decide on the winners that will be announced publicly in an award ceremony in November and featured in the media while each finalist will get an individual feedback report.

Best Innovator Jury

Since the Jury is the center piece of the selection process — a group of neutral and well-respected senior executives were chosen that have a reputation for driving innovations:

  • Igor Agamirzian, CEO, RVC;
  • Anna Belova, Vice Dean, High School of Management;
  • Edward Crawley, President, Skolkovo Tech;
  • Olga Dergunova, Head of the Federal Property Management Agency;
  • Alexander Galitsky, Founder of Almaz Capital;
  • Sergei Guriev, Rector, New Economic School;
  • Anatoly Karachinsky, President, IBS Group;
  • Boris Nemsic, Former CEO, Vimplecom;
  • Edward Shenderovich, General Director, Kite Ventures;
  • Pavel Teplukhin, Former Head and Co-Founder, Troika Dialog;
  • Regina von Flemming, CEO, Axel Springer Russia;
  • Yan Yanovskiy, President, BioEnCo;
  • Ksenia Yolkina, Head of Startup research group, Yandex.

“Innovation has been a much talked about concept in Russia for the past few years. This competition allows both Russian and international companies operating in Russia to demonstrate how they are putting innovative to work for better results for their shareholders, customers and employees,” said Regina von Flemming, CEO, Axel Springer, the publisher of Forbes which is one of the program partners.

We often think of technology alone when we say innovation. But innovative processes and management systems can be even more important to driving productive in an organization,” said Sergei Guriev, Rector of the New Economic School. “This contests will explore how innovation is part of an organization’s ‘DNA’ to improve performance.

Russia has a long and rich history of scientific discovery and technological development. However, we have an opportunity to better apply this talent to real-life applications in innovation and the broader benefit of society,” said Dr. Edward Crawley, President of Skolkovo Tech. “That is starting to improve. As evident at Skolkovo Tech, more and more Russian companies are collaborating with scientific and academic institutes to focus the drive for innovation and improve effectiveness and output within industry.”

The Russian government has set a goal to boost its annual productivity growth by 2018 in 1.5 times, as well as to drive technological innovation. This will not happen alone government dictate and directives. The private sector needs to be a force for innovative progress and development,” said Igor Agamirzian, CEO, RVC.

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