Technopark TV Program now available in English

Technopark TV Program issues a series of its materials in English with the purpose to make the most interesting programs available to the global audience. Please find first results of this work.

Technopark program is the first Russian TV program to cover the development of the innovative business in Russia and the success stories in high-tech business. Technopark is a joint project of RVC and Russia 24 channel. Special attention is paid to those companies which have used venture investments.

Artec: 3D-scanners

The 3D-scanners available at the time were not designed for the mass market. They were expensive, bulky, slow and sometimes required extra knowledge to operate them. Artec wanted to solve all these problems.

Incuron: In Search of Medicine for Cancer

Introduction of each new drug to the market needs time and requires very serious financial expenses without a guarantee of success. Only large companies can go through this tedious procedure. No such companies exist in Russia yet. Therefore, there are few new unique pharmaceutical drugs from Russia. To help domestic Pharmaceutical industry, the State and the skilled investors must help the scientists.

Gycom: Russian Gyrotrons

At the beginning of the 1990s Russian science has experienced one of the most difficult periods in its history. Against this background, the Institute of Applied Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Nizhny Novgorod was a rare and happy exception.

ABBYY – How Startups Are Born

A lot of IT projects are launched every year all over the world. But only a few of them achieve success. Entrepreneur David Yan, founder of ABBYY, participated in several ventures like this. But not all his efforts were successful.

ONKOMAX and TARTIS: seed investments in biotechnologies

For biotech projects the small "angel" investments are usually too small, and the entrepreneurs have to count on the help of special 'seed' funds which finance companies at early stages. The portfolio of a seed fund contains risky projects that focus on breakthrough technologies with great commercial potential.

The Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences (Shaninka)

The Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences, or "Shaninka", as Theodore Shanin, its founder, affectionately called it. Professor at Manchester University, Theodor studied Russian peasantry and often travelled to the country.

Brightsourse: effective sun

Depletion of traditional energy reserves as well as dangerous aspects of nuclear energy force humankind to turn to alternative energy. And the solar energy has a-great potential. This is what the Russian investors make their bet on when they decided to invest in the development of BrightSource Energy Inc.

Yandex: the success story of an innovative company

Yandex is the main search engine of the Russian-speaking Internet. Its daily audience reaches 25 million users (market capitalization 6.75B). The Yandex success story is one of a risky high-technology business, when the team at the start has nothing except the budding technology, intuition and perseverance.


ChemRar Research Company works on creating quality and inexpensive medications. Starting for twenty years from a small company ChemRar became a significant part of the innovative biotechnology cluster in Russia

Composite Holding Company

Composite materials: how it’s made in Russia. Composite Holding Company is a leading player in the field of innovative materials for such important projects as large-scale federal program «Smart House», «Innovative Road» etc.

Evernote – e-scroll

Stepan Pachikov -- one of the pioneers of Russia's IT business is Evernote's founder and "guru". His first company, Paragraph, founded in 1989 in a computer club, went far in the development of handwriting recognition technologies, an essential element for tablet computers. After this achievement Apple noticed the young company.

Portrait of a Serial Entrepreneur

Grid Dynamics is an international company engaged in the cloud computing. Light Engines is an international company producing light-emitting diodes. The companies enter fast-developing markets with perspective technologies. They do modern knowledge intensive business. Formation of these companies would have been impossible without such leaders as Victoria Livshits and Alexander Shishov.

Tranzas: Navigation Systems

Today Transas navigation systems are used at sea ships of 120 countries. Seamen of more than 70 countries are trained using Transas simulators. The Company's annual turnover is 300 million dollars. This is a perfect example of success of a Russian engineering company.

Metran: Technology Transfer

Chelyabinsk is the capital of the Southern Urals. The city became a large industrial center in the mid 20th century and still keeps this position today. Metran, a leading Russian site of Emerson -- is based in Chelyabinsk.

Pirate pay

The Internet offers great opportunities to distribute and to find texts, music records and video. But sometimes they can be downloaded from different resources in Internet even before the official release and the copyright holder lose their money. The copyright issues in Internet have been discussed for years. The main problem is controlling different file hosting services, but now you can get the effective solution: the developers team from Perm, Russia, created 2009 a new service – Pirate pay.

Russian navigation technologies

How the company can get money to support an innovative idea? In the early stages of building business the founder usually invests his own money and asks his relatives and friends for financial support. The next step is applying for venture capital financing. But the real success story begins when the company goes public. «Russian navigation technologies» (RNT) is a good example of how to develop an innovative business.

Sarov: small technology business

Existence of a small high-tech businesses in the closed administrative-territorial formations (CATF) seems to be improbable. However, in Sarov, a center of atomic research, 20 innovative companies employ about two thousand people. It was founded by one of Russia's first private Technoparks.

NT-MDT: microscopes to probe the reality

Fabric which can sustain gunfire. Coverage, increasing the strength of instruments. Scientists are constantly searching for new materials, and many discoveries in this area are due to the production of the NT-MDT company located in Zelenograd, the world-famous manufacturer of scanning probe microscopes.

Skolkovo Foundation helps Parallels Research

Large Data Centers manage tens of thousands of connected servers. But during the periods of downturn these resources are often loaded with only a few percent. Russian company Parallels Research with the support of Skolkovo Foundation has created a solution that allows the maximum use of available computing power.

«Laboratory of Kaspersky»: an international company

The first version of Kaspersky Anti-Virus was released in 1991. It was a database of malware and that was looking for the infected files, and then either treated or deleted them. But on how to extract commercial value of the product the developers did not dream. Kaspersky team kept only on enthusiasm until 1994.

IPG Photonics: industrialization of fiber lasers

In 2009, physicist Valentin Gapontsev was awarded The Arthur L. Schawlow Prize, founded Laser Institute of America. Russian scientist received this award with a unique formulation: as "the founder and head of the global technology company, which continues to change the laser industry." This company, IPG Photonics, today is an international corporation with a market capitalization of more than $ 1 billion. This impressive success story began in 1990 in Fryazino, not far from Moscow.

Institute of General Physics

Lasers have become a major tool for the doctor. They can diagnose an ulcer, to determine what the patient had been poisoned, and etc. But to create sophisticated laser devices can only scientists, but they are not always experienced in business issues. At the Institute of General Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences have encountered this problem and try to solve it.

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