RVC and DKE signed agreement on cooperation in both national and international standardization


RVC and DKE signed agreement on cooperation in both national and international standardization

On November 1, 2013 Russian Venture Capital (RVC) and German Commission for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies (DKE) signed a cooperation agreement. The Commission operates under the German Institute for Standardization and Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies (DKE German Commission for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies of DIN and VDE). Within the framework of the forum «Open Innovations», the agreement has been signed by Mr. Igor Agamirzyan, Director General of RVC, and Dr. Sefan Heusinger, Director for Standardization/Director of Department for Innovations and Standardization of DKE.

Purpose of the agreement is to provide for efficient cooperation between the parties in the area of both national and international standardization. According to ISO data, within recent 10 years Russia has moved from the world’s 40-th to 3-d place by number of issued certificates for introduction of the ISO 9000 standards. In recent years these standards are applied not only in areas of production and services, but also in state and municipal management, financial operations, health protection, etc. However, still there are no special standards developed for many spheres of activities, such as smart systems or energy saving, etc. Therefore, for RVC it is important to cooperate with German standardization experts: German economy gains 30 billion Euro annually from use of the standards.

Signing of the agreement resulted from mutual interest for cooperation in joint project management in the areas of «smart energy», energy efficiency, energy engineering, and mutual support in these themes.

One of the major cooperation directions will be interaction in the area of intellectual (smart) systems and «smart house» systems. Apart from this, the parties have confirmed their intentions to promote cooperation in development of standards and technical requirements. Another area of cooperation will be mutual work for creation of systems for evaluation of compliance with standards for various kinds of products including areas of intellectual (smart) systems, energy saving, and energy efficiency.

«DKE creates standards, including that intended for intellectual systems and intellectual (smart) houses, product solutions based on principles of openness and transparency. More than 80% of standards created on the basis of the DKE and VDE standards platform – are international standards of the International Electrotechnical Commission (MEC). International standardization provides the business with a tool for introduction of up-to-date technologies and possibility of long-term influence on legislative regulation, as well as enables creation а of wide-scale and world-wide network of experts. These instruments are keenly demanded and necessary in Russia», — says Igor Agamirzyan, Director General and Board Chairman of JSC RVC.

The agreement will contribute to development of trade interrelations between Germany and Russia, including within the framework of the WTO principles.

«International experts in IEC committees welcome participation of Russian representatives in development of the state-of-the-art international standards. It is only through personal participation in standardization that one can affect the content of a standard and make it applicable in Russia. Participation of RVC in standardization projects is a unique and very useful initiative which serves as a model for any subsequent Russian organizations,” said Stephan Heizinger, DKE Director of Standardization / Director of Innovation and Standardization Department.

To obtain maximum results within the framework of the agreement, the parties will be permanently exchanging relevant legislations and normative documents pertaining to standardization and necessary for development of bilateral trade relations, and will cooperate in compliance with current laws of the both countries. Specialists of JSC RVC will take part in work of some MEC’s committees developing international standards for electrical engineering and information technologies.

DKE – is German national organization, which specializes in creation and servicing of standards and technical safety requirements in the areas of electrical engineering, electronics, and information technologies.
This organization is under the joint control of German Institute for Standardization Стандартизации DIN (Deutsches Institut für Normung e. V) and Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies VDE (VERBAND DER ELEKTROTECHNIK ELEKTRONIK INFORMATIONSTECHNIK e. V).
It is German member of the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission and European Committee CENELEC for Electrotechnical Standardization), National Standardization Organization (NSO), which represents Germany in the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI).

About the RVC
RVC was established by the Russian government in 2006 to encourage the country’s venture capital industry and boost venture capital funds. Its roles are that of a government fund of venture capital, channeling public incentives to venture capital and financial support to the high-technology sector; and as a Russian venture capital industry development institution.

About forum «Open Innovations»
Global discussion platform – Forum «Open innovation» - is devoted to the latest technologies and prospects for international cooperation in the field of innovation.
In 2012, the Forum was attended by more than 5000 people from 42 regions of Russia and 38 countries of all over the world. The Forum featured over 150 events official, special and youth programs, which were attended by over 700 speakers from 39 countries of all over the world.

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