RVC Publishes a Guide to the British Innovation Ecosystem


RVC Publishes a Guide to the British Innovation Ecosystem

The research made at the request of RVC resulted in the analytical report "A Guide to the British Innovation Ecosystem." The report will be of interest to primarily Russian innovator entrepreneurs seeking to enter the global markets in the fields of IT, biotechnology, high-tech manufacturing, and other high-tech industries, as well as all those involved in the development of innovative industries.

The UK venture capital market is characterized by a high level of development, while the country's innovation ecosystem has experience and competence of great interest to other markets. As a country with a post-industrial economy, Britain holds a key position in many global value chains – from semiconductors and processors to pharmaceuticals, and from the progressive developments in the aerospace industry to the state-of-art materials. World leadership in the field of education and science, stability and independence of the legal and political system, government policies aimed at promoting innovation and research, all create favourable conditions for development of the venture capital market.

The new report includes a description of the structure of the British innovation ecosystem, review of the legal system, as well as main advantages and disadvantages of the market for entrepreneurs and investors. The report provides practical guidance on the establishment and maintenance of a high-tech business, description of the tax system (including tax benefits available to innovative companies and investors making direct investment), as well as the main regulatory and legislative requirements and restrictions on registration and doing a business. Finally, the Appendix thereto lists some of the key players in the innovation ecosystem, the contacts and services of which may be useful to entrepreneurs and potential investors.

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