The Results of the Third national rating «TechUp-2014» are announced


The Results of the Third national rating «TechUp-2014» are announced

October 15, 2014. The results of the Third national rating of Russian high-growth companies «TechUp» were announced today at the Moscow international forum “Open innovations”.

«TechUp» was organized by the Russian venture company (RVC) in partnership with the Association of innovative regions of Russia (AIRR), PwC and SME Bank. The rating determines the leaders among the fastest-growing high-tech companies in Russia, which have the potential to play a key role in the development and modernization of the Russian technological industries. The analysis of the portrait of such companies allows to create indicators of development of this segment, to increase the efficiency of state support in solving urgent tasks of the development of market demand and access to global markets, to assess opportunities for efficient investment in the coming years.

Methodology of rating was developed by PwC in 2013 and modified in 2014. In developing the methodology There was used international PwC experience, experience ranking «TechUp» of previous years companies in conducting such studies, as well as an analysis of authoritative international studies and ratings of innovative companies. There were selected companies that comply with qualification requirements for evaluation, threshold values of which were calculated on the basis of industry average:

  • revenue: not less than 100 million rubles, but not more than 10 billion rubles;
  • annual average of revenue growth of at least 15% over the past 3 years;
  • share average of R & D expenditures and technological innovation: not less than 5% over the past 3 years;
  • the company has brought to the Russian market at least one new or significantly improved product/service for the last 3 years.

«PwC Russia is actively working with private companies, we also help customers to solve the issues of innovation and technological development. Therefore, we with great pleasure become the partners of rating of high-growth companies «TechUp» for the second year in a row. We are pleased to contribute to the development of this project. We have modified the previously developed methodology this year. We see that the companies participating in previous years received high rankings this year, which speaks to its succession. In addition, the positive characteristic of the market is not only the growth of business of these companies but also of their investments in innovation», - says Alina Lavrentieva, partner, practice leader providing consulting services to private companies PwC Russia.

This year the applications for participation in the rating gave 110 companies, 80 of which were selected according to eligibility criteria. The average earnings of «TechUp» participants is 1.7 billion rubles, the share of new products accounts for 57% of revenue. The share of expenditure on technological innovation of Russian «Gazelle» is 23%, R & D expenses - 10%. Thus, compared with the previous year the company demonstrated significant revenue growth, consistently maintaining the proportion of expenditure on technological innovation and research and development.

The total revenue of companies of rating is 83.4 billion rubles this year, which is 16% higher than the previous year. There has been recorded more than 20% increase in expenditure on technological innovation and research and development. In 2013 the total expenditure of participating companies on technical innovation was 18.9 billion rubles, R & D - 8.6 billion rubles.

«The main indicator of the development of innovative industry both for the country as a whole and for some regions is the revenue growth from innovation. World as well as Russian experience shows that developers and manufacturers of high technology products earn well, provide a high level of income for their employees and also bring tangible tax revenues, - as CEO of the Association of innovative regions of Russia Ivan Bortnik explains, - Such ratings will help to shift the scales of income from the primary sector towards innovation and change the structure of the economy. We did not aim to evaluate companies, the selection of the participants of «TechUp» was intended to make the brand of companies recognizable».

According to analysts of TOP-50 participants, the vast majority of fast-growing innovative Russian companies are concentrated in the Central, Volga Federal and North-Western districts. 36% of companies represent the field of engineering, instrumentation and electrical engineering, 20% - the field of information and communication technologies, 16% - the area of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, 12% work in construction and materials, 8% - the field of chemistry and ecology and 8% - the energy sector and the oil and gas industry.

In preparation for the rating the organizers conducted a survey of CEO of participating companies. The analysis of the results of the interviews became the basis of the analytical report, which is aimed at identifying factors of success of the participating companies, their level of innovation activity, the main obstacles for the development of companies, performance evaluation use of various forms of state support and the prospects of further stimulus of technological development of business in Russia by the state.

The main success factor of companies of «TechUp», according to their leaders, is competencies that are connected with the development of new technological solutions, strong team of developers and designers. However, many companies have achieved high results without significant state support. Thus, according to the report, receiving government support was an event only for 13% of companies, influenced on the further development of their business.

One of the characteristics of the composed portrait of medium innovative company is the ability to work in a tough competitive environment, including global markets. So, 87% of companies of «TechUp» identify themselves with the group of market leaders.

«TechUp» has become not only an effective way for identifying and promoting successful technology companies in Russia, but also a source of information about lines of the development of innovative business, existing barriers, and requests to the state. It should be emphasized that the rating data and the results of the expert interviews confirm the thesis about the international competitiveness of Russian companies - 72% of them export their products to foreign markets. Volume of exports is still not great: the average percentage of revenue is 13%. So now the Program "Globalization of the Russian innovation industry" RVC has developed a number of special offers on export development, the companies of the rating and the members of the club « TechUp» can use it», said Igor Agamirzyan, CEO of RVC.

«TechUp» gives national and international recognition to companies that thanks to modern technology develop the real sector of the economy and improve the social climate in the regions. They create new industries, jobs, attract investment», - says Sergey Kryukov, Chairman of the Board of SME Bank. -Their experience should become the benchmark for many others who are planning or have already started their entrepreneurial path in the sphere of high technologies. The success of the companies participating in the rating, should become the key to the effective development of the national economy, improve its competitiveness. We as a development Institute are committed to the continuous increase in the share of support to innovation-oriented enterprises. So, now the share of loans for the realization of such projects in the portfolio of the SME Bank amounts to 63% (63,3 billion).

The results of rating 2014, and the research show that fast-growing medium-sized technology companies today have come to a specific milestone in the development and has already become a significant factor influencing on the economic development of the country. However, there is a need to improve public policy focused on turning these companies into national Champions.

The results of rating «TechUp» 2014

TOP 10 largest companies (by revenue):

  • JSC NOVOMET-PERM, the oil and gas industry, Perm region
  • JSC INTERSKOL, instrument-making, Moscow region
  • JSC AiTi. Information technology, information and communication technology, Moscow
  • JSC ELARA, electronics, Chuvash Republic
  • CJSC Production company SKB Kontur, information and communication technologies, Ekaterinburg, Russia
  • CJSC PROGNOZ, information and communication technologies, Perm
  • CJSC DIAKONT, mechanical engineering, St. Petersburg
  • Obninsk research and production enterprise "Technology", materials, Kaluga region
  • LLC NTFP POLYSAN, pharmaceutics and medical technology, St. Petersburg
  • CJSC Biocad, pharmaceuticals and medical technology, St. Petersburg

TOP 10 fastest growing companies ranking (the pace of revenue growth):

  • LLC THETA, industrial machinery, Tomsk region
  • LLC Technology of drugs, pharmaceuticals, Moscow region
  • Rakurs-engineering, energy, St. Petersburg
  • LLC TPG Rosal, industrial machinery, Altai Krai
  • LLC Danaflex-NANO, materials, Republic of Tatarstan
  • CJSC BARS group, information and communication technology, Republic of Tatarstan
  • LLC "NPK "Reasonable solutions", information and communication technologies, Samara region v
  • LLC Scientific-innovation enterprise Astrafarm, pharmaceuticals, Moscow, Russia
  • ISS holding, information and communication technology, Moscow, Russia
  • LLC GlobalTest, instrument-making, Samara region

TOP 10 innovative companies of rating (technological level of its production, its novelty, intellectual property of companies, as well as expenditure on R & D and technological innovation):

  • CJSC DIAKONT, mechanical engineering, St. Petersburg
  • CJSC NPF Micran, instrument-making, Tomsk region
  • LLC NPK Reasonable solutions, information and communication technologies, Samara region
  • LLC, information and communication technologies, Novosibirsk region
  • OJSC HSCI, biotechnology, Moscow
  • LLC T8 information and communication technologies, Moscow
  • LLC Scientific-innovation enterprise Astrafarm, pharmaceutics, Moscow
  • JSC Inertial technology of Technocomplex, instrument-making, Moscow region
  • JSC PROGNOZ, information and communication technologies, Perm
  • LLC Technology of drugs, pharmaceuticals, Moscow region

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