GenerationS: 15 most promising industrial startups in Russia were selected


GenerationS: 15 most promising industrial startups in Russia were selected

An acceleration program for Industrial track of GenerationS Federal Competition organized by Russian Venture Company and Moscow Innovation Development Center ended in Kazan on September 28. Following the acceleration program results, 15 best projects were selected and given the opportunity to defend their product before international jury at "Open Innovations" Forum and compete for the prize of 5 mln rubles.

The acceleration Demo Day was held in Kazan IT Park and became the final event of the GenerationS Industrial track activities held since May 2014. This day was preceded by: search for projects across Russia, meetings with accelerators and incubators, technical selection of 589 applications and preliminary examination of 508 applications, educational weekend in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg where investment jury selected 40 participants in acceleration. The two-week acceleration took place in Kazan, during this period the participants designed "roadmaps" for the development of their businesses and six projects from related industries even decided to join their efforts to create a joint product.

Pavel Korolev, General Director of Pulsar Venture Capital: "508 participants, 40 acceleration residents, more than 40 speakers and hundreds of hours of work on the projects, 14 intensive days &ndashl all this will soon become hundreds of thousands of investments monetary items, dozens of jobs and industrial productions built by our participants. It's a pleasure to see how the projects grew from the first pitches at the educational weekend through the final of acceleration program. Acceleration is the business boost and the acceleration program of Pulsar Venture Capital within such an amazing project as GenerationS, is mainly the development boost of the national innovative economy."

Gulnara Bikkulova, Director of RVC Innovation Markets Department: "As GenerationS organizers we believe that our idea to hold four sectorial acceleration programs for projects in Cleantech, Industrial, IT/Internet and BiotechMed fields proved to be quite successful in practice. Today, we can say that we have got powerful centers with sectorial expertise and the ability to work with projects and to attract profile startups, experts, investors and mentors."

The list of Industrial GenerationS winners (alphabetic order)

• Secure communications, navigation and control - Orel Dmitry (Stavropol)

• Interceptors for small vessels. Designed to save fuel and increase the vessel's speed – Ovdienko Maxim (Moscow)

• УКС-400-Э compressor plant. Pumping stations for MES and defense industry needs – Evstifeev Alexey (Yekaterinburg)

• "Plasma-conversion" LLC Non-catalytic methane conversion in a microwave plasma plume – Lavrin Alexey (Saratov)

• "Portal". Mobile systems for fulldome visualization – Mendzebrovskiy Igor (Novosibirsk)

• Production of reinforcement fibers for new generation of composite materials. Use of basalt fibers – Chalapchiy Alexander (Primorsk Territory)

• Development of new methods for diene monomers synthesis – principles of synthetic rubber industry – Golovanova Ksenia (Kazan)

• Tactical GLONASS/GPS navigator RECOON.5 Designed to coordinate groups of people on the land (for example, prospecting works) - Guzeev Sergey (Irkutsk)

• Technological complex for production of fuel briquettes from petroleum pitch – Gorokhov Alexander (Irkutsk)

• Technology of robotic systems motion control. This technology allows to improve accuracy and efficiency of robotic manipulators – Usatov-Shiryaev Roman Stanislavovich (St. Petersburg)

• Bitblaze. Russian data storage systems for up to 60 hard disk drives – Koposov Maxim (Omsk)

• Energy 8. Innovative industrial batteries – Titus Evgeny (Moscow)

• ExoAtlet. Exoskeleton for rehabilitation of patients with lower limbs disorders – Bereziy Ekaterina (Moscow)

• Promobot. Clients-oriented multifunctional intelligent robot – Kivokurtsev Oleg (Perm)

• Terebra. Collar screw conveyors production technology. The main application is in industrial presses - Kolbas Alexander (Primorsk Territory)

In 2014, GenerationS has four industrial tracks: IT, industrial solutions, biotechnology and medicine, resource-efficient technologies, an acceleration program is organized in each of them.

As part of the Industrial track's projects acceleration, 40 participants from all over Russia had a two week training, met with industry leaders, investors and worked in teams under the mentors supervision. About 40 invited speakers from Russia, the US and European countries gave intensive trainings for entrepreneurs in the most relevant business areas.

The lecturers included Boris Lipkin (former IBM Vice President), Thomas Gad (one of the world's most famous marketing experts), Bill Watkins (former Head of Seagate Technology), Alena Vladimirovskaya (Pruffi founder), Tim Hennessy (Imergy Power System President) and many other experienced entrepreneurs and experts.

Moreover, the acceleration was accompanied by integration with RVC projects - Talk2VC platform for communication between investors and entrepreneurs (in cooperation with RusBase), platform for professional communication between partners and mentors supervising accelerators (in cooperation with RVCA).

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