RVC and FARO signed an agreement on cooperation in innovations


RVC and FARO signed an agreement on cooperation in innovations

RVC and the Federal Agency of Research Organizations (FARO) signed an agreement on cooperation in innovations. As part of the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum February 27, 2015, the document was signed between Igor Agamirzyan, CEO and Chairman of the Board of RVC, and Michael Kotyukov, Head of FARO. It was signed before Arkady Dvorkovich, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation. Term of the agreement is 5 years with possible further extension.

The purpose of the agreement is to facilitate generation and promotion of innovation created on the basis of available research, technical, technological, and infrastructural capacity of organizations subordinate to FARO. RVC will use its expert, financial, and organizational resources for this purpose.

"The first thing we are interested in is cooperation with FARO in the field of technology transfer, development of mechanisms for transfer of basic scientific knowledge for further commercialization to companies that can do serious business," says Igor Agamirzyan, CEO and Chairman of the Board of RVC. "We have been actively engaged in development of tools for technology transfer. In lack of sources of knowledge to be transferred, this is hopeless and meaningless though. Therefore, it seems important to collaborate with major research centers in the country."

The document signed provides a solution to common problems in several directions at a time. First of all, it is monitoring and selection of high-tech forms of support for important high-tech projects and development of effective tools for commercialization of scientific research. The parties also intend to develop tools that encourage development of technological entrepreneurship.

As part of the agreement, the parties have scheduled activities for development of innovation infrastructure and technology transfer. These activities are aimed at interaction between organizations subordinate to FARO with domestic industry enterprises. In addition, the cooperation will focus on joint activities with the federal executive authorities, Russian Academy of Sciences, Institutes for Innovation Development of the Russian Federation, and participants in the innovation market. One of the most important areas of cooperation will be joint efforts to optimize the institutional environment in order to enhance effectiveness of commercialization of research, including improvement of the practice of intellectual property protection and enforcement.

"Our cooperation with RVC has a long history. Today we've signed the items, the specific work on which is underway. This is not an imagery document. It has already been filled with the actual specific sense in those areas where we can join efforts to create additional conditions for development of research and development in organisations subordinate to us," Mikhail Kotyukov, Head of FARO, commented signing of the agreement.

In the framework of their cooperation, RVC and FARO are going to initiate joint projects, approve road maps, action plans, and determine the forms of future cooperation. Parties to the agreement will provide expert cooperation in priority areas of scientific and technological development and implementation of state programs in the science-driven sector. In addition, the parties will join efforts in implementing programs to improve innovation management competencies of staff in organisations subordinate to FARO.

About Federal Agency of Research Organizations

The Federal Agency of Research Organizations (FARO) is the federal executive body exercising functions of legal regulation and provision of public services in the fields of science, education, health, and agriculture, as well as federal property management controlled by the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, and Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences.


RVC OJSC is a state fund of funds a development institution of the Russian Federation, one of the key tools leveraged by the state in the effort to create national innovation system. The authorized capital of RVC is more than 30 billion rubles. 100% of the RVC's capital belongs to the Russian Federation represented by the Federal Agency for State Property Management of the Russian Federation (Rosimushestvo). The total number of funds formed by RVC has reached 18, their aggregate size is 26.1 billion rubles. The share of RVC is 16.1 billion rubles. RVC funds invested into 169 innovative companies. The total amount of invested assets reached 15.3 billion rubles.

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