Foresight Fleet 2015 will be Dedicated to National Technology Initiative


Foresight Fleet 2015 will be Dedicated to National Technology Initiative

RVC, together with the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) and the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in science and technology, co-organizes the Foresight Fleet to take place on the Volga River from May 12 to May 16, 2015. It will focus on development of road maps of the National Technology Initiative (NTI).

NTI is a program of measures to build fundamentally new markets and create the conditions for global technological leadership of Russia by 2035. Implementation of NTI is one of the key objectives set by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in his Address to the Federal Assembly on December 4, 2014 – '…However, we must also think about how we will solve the long-term problems. In this respect, I propose to implement a national technological initiative. Based on long-term forecasting, it is necessary to understand what challenges will face Russia in 10-15 years, and what innovative solutions will be needed to ensure national security, high quality of life, and development of new technology sectors.'

Foresight Fleet is held annually in the form of communication between developers of innovative projects, development institutions, representatives of the executive branch, experts in education, researchers, technology entrepreneurs, and business representatives. The purpose of the Foresight Fleet is to co-design road maps for sectoral and territorial development, form the talent pool for the state government and the real economy, and develop competencies of strategic vision in the business environment. The Foresight Fleet agenda is determined by strategic priorities set by top officials of the state, professional communities and associations.

More than 700 participants will be involved in development of the NTI at Foresight Fleet 2015. They will form groups at the intersection of new markets and technologies. The road-mapping work will be carried out, in particular, in the following areas:

Markets group:

• EnergyNet (distributed power, from personal power to smart grid, smart city)

• FoodNet (systems for personal production and delivery of food and water)

• SafeNet (new personal security systems)

• HealthNet (personalized medicine)

• AeroNet (distributed systems of air drones)

• MariNet (distributed systems of uncrewed maritime vessels)

• AutoNet (distributed network of unmanned driving)

• FinNet (decentralized financial systems and currencies)

• NeuroNet (distributed artificial components of consciousness and psyche).

Technology group:

• Digital design and modelling

• New materials

• Additive technologies

• Quantum communication technology

• Sensor technology

• MechBioTronics

• Bionics

• Genomics and synthetic biology

• Neurotechnology

• BigData

• Artificial intelligence and control systems

• New energy sources

• Element base (including processors)

NTI will include system solutions for identification of key technologies, necessary changes in rules and regulations, operating measures of financial and human resource development, and motivation mechanisms to involve carriers of necessary competencies. The selection will be carried out taking into account the major global development trends based on the priority of network technology centred on a man as the final consumer. The NTI model will be presented to the President of the Russian Federation in July 2015.

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