Start of Tech in Media, the V Russian National Contest of Innovation Journalism – Advanced Production Stage Winners Announced


Start of Tech in Media, the V Russian National Contest of Innovation Journalism – Advanced Production Stage Winners Announced

As part of the international industrial exhibition "INNOPROM" hosted by Ural Federal University, July 10, there were announced the winners of the second regional stage of the All-Russian Contest of Innovative Journalism – Tech in Media'15 "Advanced Production" – established by RVC. The authors of the best journalistic papers received prizes from the hands of Viktor Grokhovsky, Associate Professor of the Institute of Physics and Technology of Ural Federal University, who was named a "man of the year, who changed the world" by the Nature magazine for his study of the meteorite "Chelyabinsk" in 2013.

The innovative journalism contest has been held since 2011. The operator of the contest is the Directorate of the All-Russian Science Festival. The operator of the educational program is "Schrödinger's Cat," a popular science magazine.

The purpose of the initiative is to encourage and promote activities of journalists covering the topic of research, success stories of their commercialization, and bringing attention of the wider community to the issues of Russia's technological development. The Tech in Media event will include discussion platforms for journalists and representatives of the innovative market, and an extensive educational program. The contest is held in five stages, as part of which journalistic papers on various topics – "Technology Entrepreneurship", "Advanced Manufacturing", "Popularization of Science", and "Life Sciences" – are evaluated, and the best mass media covering the topics of innovation and venture market are selected.

There was received 96 applications for the second stage of the competition, 63 of which fully met the criteria and were admitted to the competition. The papers describing the examples of application of innovative technologies, new materials, and related changes in production processes were selected for evaluation. The papers have passed a two-stage evaluation - by the expert council and by the jury. The Expert Council that brought together representatives of RVC and editors of business and specialized media selected TOP 3 of the long list of publications, and the jury distributed prizes. The jury chaired by Alexander Potapov, Deputy CEO, RVC, includes well-known media persons: Vitaly Leybin, Editor in Chief of Russian Reporter magazine; Maxim Kashulinsky, Editor in Chief of portal; Maxim Kvasha, Editor of the Economics Section of Dengi magazine, Kommersant PH; Boris Dolgin, Science Editor of, and others.

Among the winners of the stage were the authors of the electronic publication, Business Magazine monthly edition, Russian Reporter magazine, reporters of the Public Television of Russia, as well as journalists of the regional media – Belgorod Business Class, Business Petersburg, and Tatarstan magazines. The full winner list is available at the official page of the contest.

As part of the contest, Ural Federal University hosted the second series of field workshops by professionals of modern media and talk shows with representatives of high-tech business. Grigory Tarasevich, Editor in Chief of Schrödinger's Cat magazine gave a lecture to the audience on the way journalists should tell about scientific research to satisfy both their creators, readers, and entrepreneurs. Alyona Lesnyak, Editor of the Heroes column in Schrödinger's Cat, showed by specific examples how they can make an innovator a hero or a superhero. The guest of the talk show of Svetlana Sokolova, Editor of Russian Reporter, Technology, was Lev Pliner, an expert in the field of application of electronic signatures, SKB Kontur. The company develops software for electronic document management, accounting, and business management.

The next stage of the contest is "Popularization of Science." This is one of the most extensive topics focused on materials that promote both dissemination of scientific knowledge and approaches to the wide audience and the better understanding of the role of science and scientists in society. Applications are accepted until September 22, 2015. The winners will be announced at the All-Russian Festival of Science NAUKA 0+ in Krasnoyarsk. You may learn more about the regulation on the contest and procedure for application and registration for the same on the website of the contest:

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