The Best Russian Start-Up Teams Have Joined the National Technology Initiative


The Best Russian Start-Up Teams Have Joined the National Technology Initiative

On August 26 within the framework of Pre-Accelerator GenerationS in the new coworking center of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) "Boiling Point" the day of the National Technology Initiative (NTI) was held.

The National Technology Initiative is a program including measures on establishment of new markets and conditions for global technological leadership of Russia by 2035. Work groups established within the framework of the project perform long-term forecasting and develop cutting-edge solutions for development of industries with the new technological pattern.

During the day 300 best Russian start-up teams studied the concept of the National Technology Initiative and market specifics, discussed mechanisms for inclusion of their projects into work over the NTI with work group leaders.

The program was opened by Dmitriy Peskov, the director of the Young Professionals course of the ASI. He emphasized that the project was aimed at making Russia a leader in emerging markets. Dmitriy Peskov noted that it was impossible to become a leader in the existing market: "A new company has never become a world leader or significant player in the established market. There are rules and standards of large players in such markets."

As Dmitriy Peskov said, at present Russia was able to become a champion in dozens of future markets, and work over the NTI was aimed at finding these areas and forming an educational system, school education and venture capital policy therefor. "We have to place serious bets, stop giving away money all around, refuse from the idea to build one brilliant city on the hill. Instead we have to coordinate policy of different players at the areas where we have real chances to become global champions."

Work group leaders told participants of GenerationS about the main NTI markets. There were presentations of NeuroNet, AeroNet, HealthNet, FoodNet, SafeNet and EnergyNet markets.

Presentations were commented on by the deputy director general, director of the project office, member of the board of RVC OJSC, Evgeniy Kuznetsov. While discussing a speech on NeuroNet, he noted that "neurotechnologies were an ice breaker followed by other technologies. Neurosciences are a huge engine which any tasks, marketing and communication can be attached to. Influence of neurotechnologies will be stupendous for a large number of businesses. A neurocomponent will be all around – in vehicle building, airplane building, in the household and media...".

While commenting on a presentation on AeroNet, Evgeniy Kuznetsov emphasized that at present the market was at the stage of transition from single cases of using remote-piloted vehicles to integral service solutions and transformation of the global logistics infrastructure. According to Kuznetsov, the first large companies will appear in this very segment.

Upon completion of the NTI panel presentation, the participants of the Pre-Accelerator GenerationS worked in groups on individual markets. The purpose of work is to explain specifics of a certain market and form motivation to join work groups on a permanent basis among technological entrepreneurs. In the process of communication the participants of GenerationS grasped the main principle of cooperation with NTI work groups.

Start-uppers were interested in the commercial element of cooperation. Work group leaders explained to them that participation in the NTI was not money for the project; it was joint work for the image of the future. The discussion was nicely summarized by one of the female participants: "It turns out that you suggest that we participate in creation of the future in exchange for expertise and competencies".

Work group leaders provided the strongest teams with an opportunity to tell about their start-ups in detail. For example, the Electronic Herd project, i.e. an electronic system for accounting livestock and product quality control, was presented within FoodNet. The member of the FoodNet work group Olga Zinovieva emphasized that the Electronic Herd conformed to the key principles of FoodNet market operation: elimination of the extensive chain of intermediaries and minimization of end-consumer value. The playing NTI module, Game of Start-Ups, was held in the Boiling Point the whole day. The participants of the Pre-Accelerator GenerationS placed cards of their projects on special stands where experts. representatives of business, development institutions, scientific institutions and mass media voted for the start-ups they liked.

From the point of view of the participants and organizers, the format of public presentation of the National Technology Initiate has stood the test and will be applied in the future in order to involved professional, societies, scientists, experts and public officials to work over the NTI.

Source: ASI website editorial office

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