‘Corporate Venture Fund Management’ educational program has been launched



‘Corporate Venture Fund Management’ educational program has been launched

On October 8, 2015 the Corporate Venture Fund Management Program was launched. The program was devised jointly with the Higher School of Marketing and Business Development of R&D University Higher School of Economics and the Institute of Innovation Management at the R&D University Higher School of Economics. The program is being implemented at the order of RVC; it is focused on the representatives of Russian companies responsible for the issues of innovative growth, management of corporate venture funds, R&D and strategic growth, and those responsible for the establishment of corporate venture funds and promotion of open investment tools.

The purpose of the program is to enhance the skills of companies in forming their corporate venture funds, managing portfolios of corporate venture investments, and working with the tools for open innovation models.

The speakers within the program are senior managers and leading experts of companies and corporations with proven track records of establishing and managing corporate venture funds, professional fund managers, R&D experts from the Russian and international companies, experts in forming and managing corporate venture funds, as well as other experts.

The program includes three educational modules and provides for practical training sessions in Germany, where the attendants will have the opportunity to meet with foreign experts and representatives of public authorities, they will also learn best practices of the leading corporations, R&D centers, venture funds, accelerators, and business incubators. During the practical studies the attendants will learn more about the experience of the leading corporations including Novelis AG, Siemens, Robert Bosch, Association of the Federal Union of Investee Companies, Continental corporation, and the German Chamber of Commerce.

The program was attended by representatives of the following companies JSC Alfa-Bank, Basic Element, PJSC Unified Aircraft Building Corporation, Oleg Deripaska Fund Volnoye Delo, the State-owned Corporation Rosatom, MTS, Skolkovo Moscow School of Management, OJSC Special Economic Zone Titanium Valley, JSC Kaspersky Laboratory, JSC Development Corporation of Archangelsk Region, Fund for Promoting Venture Investments in Scientific and Technical SMEs in Samara Region.

The program’s partner is the German Academy of Management of Lower Saxony (DMAN). The Academy will ensure high skills of experts and managers in order to sustain competitiveness on the international markets.

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