Aerospace GenerationS corporate accelerator results have been announced



Aerospace GenerationS corporate accelerator results have been announced

On October 17, 2015 in Togliatti the most successful aerospace projects were identified at the GenerationS which was organized by RVC. 11 projects selected among 330 applications as a result of a multitier expert evaluation demonstrated the results of the three-week operation of the accelerator. At the presentation session under the auspices of the Russian Business Angels Congress, representatives of startups spoke with corporate partners, public authorities, experts and investors. The following aerospace projects from Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Ekaterinburg, Samara, Perm, Moscow, and Ufa took part in the session.

The pitch session for the participants of Aerospace GenerationS was the last test within the framework of the corporate accelerator. It was preceded by a four-week training at the sites of the main corporate partner – OJSC NPO Saturn – and the high tech technology park Zhigulevskaya Dolina together with corporate partners, the representatives of which took part in selection and expert assessment of the projects, and also worked with the accelerator participants as their mentors.

All participants of the track did very well at the crash test: they answered many questions from the experts and investors. Based on the results of voting by the expert jury five projects were identified: the finalists of the corporate accelerator Aerospace GenerationS. They will compete at the super finals of GenerationS 2015:

  • Yuri Nozhkin (Novosibirsk), project for Stand for diagnosing fuel nozzles based on optical tomography;
  • Svetlana Sorokova (Tomsk), project for Medium for modeling new materials in additive manufacturing technologies;
  • Andrey Semyonov (Perm), project for Micro gas-turbine based on gas-dynamic spade bearings;
  • Nail Yakupov (Ufa), project for 3D printer for printing PolyWax wax models;
  • Pavel Belikov, Roman Sterlyazhnikov (Moscow), project for SEMAT – machines for multi-axis electrochemical machining using a core electrode.

The main corporate sponsor of Aerospace GenerationS – OJSC NPO Saturn – is ready to enter into partnership agreements and contracts with the startups and is looking forward to receiving the relevant sets of documents from the acceleration program participants in order to continue the cooperation, as well as the roadmaps with specific events.

Dmitry Karelin, Deputy General Designer of OJSC NPO Saturn (Rybinsk):

“We understand the issues which are there in machine building industry as a whole, and we see the trends, all the participating projects of Aerospace track went through our expertise and NPO Saturn experts selected those which are supposed to be the most perspective and interesting to us and the machine building industry in general. Many of those who spoke here today will enjoy co-funding for their R&D activities, while some of them – after completion of testing of their prototypes – are likely to receive orders from NPO Saturn. This means several track finalists will be able to become our suppliers, and we will continue to work with a number of others.”

Gulnara Bikkulova, Director of Innovative Markets Department, Member of the Management Board of RVC: “Aerospace track enabled to joint forces of two excellent teams. NPO Saturn is an ‘exemplary’ industrial partner of GenerationS, it was active at all stages of the project: From task setting, project expert evaluation to pilot projects with the participants. Samara-based NP RTsI – the track operator – has been able to engage the best industry-specific startups from across the nation in the acceleration program, as well as the best experts to work with them. I hope this well-balanced tandem will continue to cooperate after the official close of GenerationS 2015 as a resource center for aerospace startups.”

Sergey Bogdanov, Executive Director of Noncommercial Partnership Regional Center for Innovations (RCI)

“Strong ties between corporations and small innovative businesses is exactly what we are lacking at the moment in the Russian industry. It is necessary that innovative decisions become more and more integrated in supply and production chains of large companies. And this is precisely why we, the Aerospace track operator, believed that it was important for startups to cooperate with big corporations and so that money-based relations would evolve as a result of such cooperation. At the end of the accelerator program we have validation of interest on the part of our corporate partners in all the 11 finalists of this track.”

The results of GenerationS will be announced on November 24, 2015 at the Corporate Venture Summit in Moscow.

About GenerationS

GenerationS is a federal accelerator of technology startups, during which the best projects selected using a multitier expert evaluation, enjoy intense development opportunities and ample opportunities to secure investment. GenerationS has been conducted by RVC since 2013 with the support of the Russian corporations, development institutes, and venture infrastructure representatives. Since 2015, the GenerationS resources have been utilized to create corporate- and industry-based accelerators in close cooperation with large Russian corporations. The corporations take immediate part in the selection process, expert evaluation of projects and acceleration of startups-members of GenerationS, based on their needs in innovative technologies and developments. GenerationS 2015 is conducted in seven industry-based categories (tracks): Power&Energy, Telecom Idea, Robotics, Aerospace, SmartCity, Oil&Gas, and BiotechMed. All participants of corporate accelerators will have an opportunity to win a RUB 1million grant from the Foundation for Promotion of Scientific and Technological SMEs. Three GenerationS winners will share the prize fund sponsored by RVC and its partners; the minimum size of the prize fund is RUB 5 million.

About the Russian Venture Company

OJSC RVC is a government fund of funds and a development institute of the Russian Federation, one of Russia's key tools for building its own national innovation system. The authorized capital of OJSC RVC exceeds RUB 30 billion. 100% of the authorized capital of RVC is owned by the Russian Federation duly represented by its Federal Agency for Managing the State Property of the Russian Federation (Rosimushchestvo). The total number of funds formed by OJSC RVC is 22, and their total size is RUB 30.3 billion. The share of OJSC RVC amounts to RUB 19.3 billion. The number of companies that enjoyed funding by RVC has reached 182. The total amount of investment to date is RUB 16.9 billion. Since 2015, OJSC RVC has been defined as a project office for the implementation of the National Technology Initiative (NTI) – a long-term strategy of the country's technological development aimed at the formation of new global markets by 2035.

About NPO Saturn

OJSC Scientific and Production Association Saturn is an engine building company engaged in primarily in the development, manufacture, and aftersales service of its gas-turbine engines for civil aircraft and military aircraft, NAVY fleet, energy generation companies, and gas-pumping units. The association is a member of the All-Russian Public Organization ‘Union of Machine Builders of Russia,’ and its regional branch in Yaroslavl is managed by I.N. Fedorov, Managing Director of OJSC NPO Saturn. OJSC NPO Saturn is part of JSC United Engine Building Corporation and is the parent company of the division called Engines for Civil Aviation – a United Engine Building Corporation’s business unit established on 09.10.2012 and comprising the following companies: OJSC NPO Saturn, OJSC Aviadrigatel, OJSC PMZ, CJSC Metallist-PM, OJSC Energetik-PM, CJSC REMOS-PM, CJSC Motorservis-PM, CJSC Zheleznodorozhnik-PM.

About Noncommercial Partnership Regional Center for Innovations (RCI)

Noncommercial partnership Regional Center for Innovations (RCI) is an entity which is part of the system of regional institutes for growth of Samara Region innovative activities. Its activities include organization and holding of various educational programs aimed to enhance competencies in commercialization of intellectual property; organization and development of the system of interaction of stakeholders in innovative activities utilizing the ‘one-stop-shop’ principle; development and maintenance of databases for innovative projects, innovating products, requests of large companies for innovative developments in Samara Region; promotion of demand for innovative products.

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