National Technology Initiative Rules for Development, Approval and Implementation of the "Road Maps" plans approved


National Technology Initiative Rules for Development, Approval and Implementation of the "Road Maps" plans approved

The Russian Government approved the procedure and rules to implement the "road maps" by National Technology Initiative (NTI). The relevant announcement was published on the governmental website.

The rules establish the operational procedures for interaction between the participants in "road maps" development, including financial plans for their implementation as well as requirements to their content.

The "road maps" system and the relevant events for creation, development and promotion of the advanced technologies, products and services, is a key instrument in creation of new global markets infrastructure within NTI. The "road maps" development is carried out by the working groups (in accordance with the schedules approved by the interdepartmental working group) with the participation of the relevant departments representatives and the Expert Council under the Government of the Russian Federation, which are members of the working groups. The "road maps" are approved by the Government of Russia.

Under the Rules, the "road maps" must be adjusted at least once every 3 years, and the financial plans – every year during a three-year period, taking into account their implementation progress and the current economic situation.

On October 16, the Presidium of the Russian Presidential Council on economic modernization and innovation development in Russia approved the drafts of the first four "road maps" in "AvtoNet" (unmanned vehicles), "AeroNet" (unmanned aerial vehicles), "MariNet" (sea digital technology) and "NeuroNet" (neuroscience). The Ministry of Industry and Trade was appointed responsible for implementation of the transport "road maps" action plans, and the Ministry of Education - for neuro technology project development.

Until December 10, the responsible ministries must have the road maps agreed with the relevant authorities and submitted to the Government for approval. Until November 3, all profile departments, ASI and RVC are assigned to submit the offers of financial support to the first four "road maps" implementation to the Interdepartmental Working Group for NTI development and implementation.

In the near future, the Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Economic Development and Ministry of Finance will develop procedures for NTI "road maps" monitoring implementation. ASI and RVC will also assist in the development of this decree.

National Technology Initiative (NTI) is a long-term program of the public-private partnership in development of promising new markets based on high-tech solutions that will determine development of the global and Russian economy in the next 15-20 years. Russian Venture Company (RVC) is the NTI's Project Office.

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