LighTech project, participant in GenerationS accelerator, has become one of the best Open Innovation start-ups



LighTech project, participant in GenerationS accelerator, has become one of the best Open Innovation start-ups

More than thirty participants and graduates of the GenerationS Federal Startup Accelerator attended the Open Innovation forum and technologies show held in Moscow on October 28 - November 1. Following the event results, the expert jury selected five best start-ups of the forum and technologies show. LighTech project, participant in GenerationS SmartCity track, became the best in the "Habitat" category.

LighTech is a flexible continuous linear light source on the basis of an electroluminophor with a wide range of applications. Such development makes it possible to evacuate a large numbers of people in a fast and accurate manner and may be applicable in the military, in manufacturing, in mines and speleological operations. The system allows a considerable reduction in the number of people involved in the rescue operations and evacuation of troops and population. It helps to find the route and organize evacuation in case of poor visibility caused by fog, smoke, as well as in the buildings ruins, cross-country and in muddy waters.

Apart from the Open Innovation Best Project status, LighTech received a certificate from IBM for the use of the company's cloud services, and a certificate for participation in BizSpark program from Microsoft. To the surprise of all startups-winners, they were invited to a business breakfast with Arkady Dvorkovich, Deputy Prime Minister.

"First of all, we wanted to introduce our products at the Open Innovation, to meet potential investors and partners, to establish business relationship. And we did it: after our speech at the startup show, we received some investment proposals, which we have started to work with", – says Nayra Davidson, LighTech CEO. The team members also admitted that they did not expect to get this number of prizes, and that the money will be used to develop the project in the field of Internet of things.

"We didn't expect to get so many prizes, but all of them are very useful, because we have been looking forward to developing the Internet of things and now we have the resources required", – added Ildar Sadykov, another member of LighTech project.

Each of the five Forum days was devoted to a separate topic: performance and new technologies in the industry, modern habitat, health industry, education and entertainment. Every day the teams demonstrated their inventions on the stand of RVC, the GenerationS organizer and the Open Innovation co-organizer, and attracted hundreds of visitors.

One of the most popular shows in Open Innovation Forum was the first in the history fight between a robot and a cyborg. Both fight participants were cockroaches. The robot cockroach was presented by the developers from Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, and the cyborg - by a startup participating in GenerationS-2015 "Kit for young nanotechnologists", founded by a Moscow businessman Alexey Pletenets.

The purpose of the fight was to identify which of them can be managed better: a traditional robot, which is controlled with a joystick, or a live South-American cockroach, controlled through the chip embedded in its nervous system and a program transforming commands into neuro-impulses. The commands to a cyborg cockroach were provided by a specially trained pilot using a neuro-helmet.

The "fight" lasted 10 minutes. Under its terms, the participant which failed (rolled over) or didn't make its way to the starting point, was considered a loser. The assembled audience actively supported the cyborg-cockroach. The cyborg yielded to the robot, because the technology allows a proper control of movements for 4-5 minutes. Then, the insect nervous system adapts to the outer impact and begins to resist. In addition, the robot cockroach was four times bigger than the cyborg.

A number of projects from GenerationS-2015 accelerator were presented in Open Innovation startup zone. Several startups were of a special interest for the event participants. Among them, a home assistant SapfiR, which will always remind about the actual needs and wishes of all family members, and will find the best way to meet them (Robotics tracks).

A graduate of GenerationS-2014 Accelerator Cleantech track, BioMicroGel Company engaged in water, soil and any surface purification from oil residues, oil, metal ions and other impurities, has received immediately after the pitch at Open Innovation an offer from MORTON Company to discuss the possibility of their technologies application. Agromultibot project (Robotics track) introduced a new autonomous field robot to harvest melons and berries. Zinoferr project (Oil&Gas track) presented an anti-corrosion coating that can resist open air, contact with sea, fresh, potable water and petroleum products.

The Open Innovation visitors made a great attention to a bionic prosthesis Kleiber (Robotics track), which copies the kinematics of a healthy person hand, providing 14 options to capture and a unique opportunity of an automatic capture of the object with adaptation to its complex shape.

"This year, the technologies we managed to gather under the GenerationS accelerator are in demand and very promising. The attention and a keen interest of the expert community, potential customers representatives and guests of the "Open Innovation" to our startups' development prove that the future is in our hands", – said Gulnara Bikkulova, a member of RVC Board and Director of RVC GenerationS Accelerator.

The day dedicated to education became one of the busiest days at the Forum. Vladimir Sinelnikov (Edutainme), expert in educational startups, said just before the pitches that EdSurge market is constantly growing today, the world market forms about 52 billion dollars, the Russian market is estimated at 10 billion rubles. The parents are willing to pay, all they need is just high-quality educational services. As part of the debate, the team of "Kit for young nanotechnologists" project noted that by 2030 the development of neuro technology market would have reached a level requiring thousands of skilled professionals, who must be trained from their youth, by making biometrics, biosignals and other areas technologies available.

GenerationS-2015 operates in seven acceleration tracks: modern power generation technologies (Power&Energy), new technologies in the oil and gas sector (Oil&Gas), Smart City and technology for life (SmartCity), automation and robotics (Robotics), technology in telecommunications (Telecom Idea), technology for the aerospace industry (Aerospace), medicine and biotechnology (BiotechMed).

In 2015, RVC re-structured GenerationS into a line of industrial corporate accelerators in order to help large companies to establish cooperation with small businesses. GenerationS is implemented in close cooperation with the following corporations: RusHydro Group, KES Holding, Moscow Regional Electric Grid Company OJSC, Energy without Borders Fund, MTS PLC, Sberbank Technology CJSC, Saturn RPE, S.P. Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation "Energia", MORTON GC, Russian Technical Society RPO, Tatneftekhiminvest Holding OJSC, Johnson&Johnson, Pharmcontract GC, Sibbiopharm PA. The corporations are directly involved in project selection and assessment, as well as in acceleration of startups participating in GenerationS, based on their needs in innovation. With the expert support by RVC and other market participants, the corporations implement pilot projects on working with technology startups for implementation of innovative development programs, building a flexible innovation policy, business development, development of new products, and entering new markets.

This year, more than a hundred public organizations and commercial companies became GenerationS project's partners, including: the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology, Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Agriculture, Agency for Strategic Initiatives, Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation Association of Innovative Regions of Russia, Rosmolodezh, Innovation Center of the Russian Olympic Committee, VTB24, MasterCard, Alpha Bank, Kamaflow, SAP, Cisco, IBM, Samsung, Microsoft, Huawei, Invest in Finland, SC "EFKO" and many others.

The GenerationS Federal Startup Accelerator Final will be held on November 24. GenerationS-2015 will name three best technology startups in Russia, these projects will share 10 million rubles and will get support from the leading Russian companies. The total value of GenerationS-2015 prizes is 160 million rubles.


About GenerationS

GenerationS is a federal accelerator for technology start-ups, in which the best projects are selected by the results of a multi-stage examination to receive intensive development and opportunities for investment. GenerationS has been held by RVC since 2013 with the support of Russian corporations, development institutions, and representatives of venture infrastructure. Since 2015, GenerationS resources have been utilised for creation of corporate and industry accelerators in close cooperation with large Russian corporations. The corporations are directly involved in project selection and assessment, as well as in acceleration of startups participating in GenerationS, based on their needs in innovation. GenerationS-2015 is held in seven branch lines (tracks): Power&Energy, Telecom Idea, Robotics, Aerospace, SmartCity, Oil&Gas, BiotechMed. All the participants of corporate accelerators will be given the opportunity to receive a grant of 1 mln rubles from the Foundation for Assistance to Development of Small Research and Technology Enterprises. Three winners of GenerationS will share the prize fund of RVC and partners. The minimum size of the prize fund is 5 mln rubles.

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