The finalists of GenerationS from SmartCity corporate accelerator have been announced



The finalists of GenerationS from SmartCity corporate accelerator have been announced

The final of the program of the track dedicated to Smart Cities technologies was held in Seed Forum, the investment forum at the site of PJSC Moscow Stock Exchange. he final was attended by about 70 interested representatives of investment funds, municipalities and corporations, including Igor Kaloshin, CEO of Intel Software LLC; Alexander Danilin, Head of Microsoft Strategic Projects; Alexander Gavrilov, IBM’s Deputy CEO for Business Development, and many others.

"We are pleased to welcome in our headquarters the founders of the best high-tech companies in Russia for Smart Cities and hope to see you among our most successful issuers in the coming years," Denis Pryanichnikov, head of Innovation and Investment Market Department at PJSC Moscow Stock Exchange, welcomed the finalists of the corporate accelerator.

"The final of corporate accelerator SmartCity is held in the format of Seed Forum investment forum, where the participants summarize the results, and at the same time they continue to work with corporate customers and investors. The participants have come a long way. Of 457 participants, 19 companies made it to the final. Today, the top 12 investment proposals were presented to a broad professional audience of investors and corporate customers”, Gulnara Bikkulova, the ideologist of RVC’s GenerationS, says.

The finalists of SmartCity GenerationS, one of the corporate accelerators; were the following projects:

  • LighTech, the most economical of the existing light sources for the road infrastructure, as well as for navigation inside buildings. Founder: Naira Davidson (Rostov-on-Don).
  • Activil, a project for processing sewage sludge and using it to produce phosphatic fertilizers. Founder: Sergey Pisarenko (Moscow).
  • Samocat Sharing System, a fundamentally new system of sharing of electric microvehicles based on renting machines for electric scooters that will appear in the near future, complementing the public transport system and replacing the current systems of urban bycicle sharing. Founder: Vasily Bykov (Moscow).
  • Energy8, a new generation of batteries based on lithium-ion batteries which have a number of advantages compared to their international counterparts. Co-founder: Eldar Belousov (Khimki).
  • TESSO, air conditioning without CFC and a compressor, consuming 10 times less electricity; the capital expenditure related to the electrical connection for the conditioners is 10 times lower. Founder: Igor Goryachev (Perm).

At SmartCity corporate accelerator, the participants got acquainted with the activities of 15 major corporations and had the opportunity to present their projects to 70 potential investors and customers.

Elena Panteleyeva, Deputy Director of Innovation of GC Morton, the track’s corporate partner, spoke about the importance of the projects in the real world: "At the final of SmartCity track we see the practical results of the accelerator, whose partner we became in 2015. We're working on the acquisition of the majority of the developments produced by the participants of the accelerator created with the support of RVC and our corporation."

"Thanks to the coordinated work of RVC and the Russian Technical Society (Regional Public Interest Organization), GC Morton, which is the R&D partner, and LOGA Group, the track operator, we have, within a very short time, consolidated top companies around a program aimed at the design and construction of the cities of the future. The partners have enriched the possibilities of their interaction and received excellent innovative solutions. The companies have found potential customers and investors”, Alexander Loktionov, the director of LOGA Group & Seed Forum International Foundation in Russia, the operator of SmartCity track, summed up the results of the program.

“This is probably one of the best programs in which I have ever taken part, and the final of the program of SmartCity corporate accelerator is very effective”, Vasily Bykov, the founder of Samocat Sharing System, expressed the opinion of the participants of the program.

"We want to thank the track operators and partners for the excellent program, individual approach to each participant of the accelerator, and for something very important to our business, that is, for the development of business contacts with large corporations, relationship building and agreements reached. In particular, we were able to reach agreements for the preparation for the pilot testing of our product with Morton Group of Companies, with Samsung and Siemens, to attract interest of Deutsche Bahn, a major railway company, in purchasing our products. We know that other projects have also achieved positive results,” Naira Davidson, one more finalist of the track, the founder of LighTech project, comments on her company’s participation in the program.

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