TechNet infrastructure center NTI has developed standards for Smart factories


The technical Committee “Cyber-physical systems” on the basis of RVC brings to public discussion two draft preliminary national standards (PNST) in the field of smart manufacturing. The documents were initiated for development and prepared for public discussion by the infrastructure center of NTI “TechNet”.

PNST the project “Smart manufacturing. Hardware behaviour catalogues for the virtual production system. Part 1. General” defines the equipment behavior catalog (KPO) and KPO requirements to represent the dynamic behaviour of an equipment instance. This process plays an important role in setting up the virtual production systems used to model and validate the designed production processes, as well as to monitor the current production.

PNST project “Production automation systems and their integration. Assessment of convergence of Informatization and industrialization for industrial enterprises. Part 1. Structure and model” defines the basic principles of the process of integration of information technologies in industrial production. The application of this standard will help enterprises in the transition to the systematic use of digital technologies in industry.

The developed documents form the basis for the creation of two fundamentally new series of national standards in The field of industry 4.0, dedicated to virtual production systems and the convergence of digital technologies and information systems in industrial enterprises.

“The development of standards allows to form common technical requirements in the field of smart production for all high-tech companies, which is ultimately aimed at the formation of technological superiority of the domestic industry. The first national industry standards 4.0 were approved in 2020, and already at the beginning of 2021, on the initiative Of the infrastructure center “TechNet” and with the participation of the Technical Committee “Cyber-physical systems”, we prepared two preliminary national standards in the field of smart manufacturing. The basis for the development of standards was the long-term experience of the TechNet NTI working group and the TechNet Infrastructure center on the formation of digital, “smart” and virtual factories, the expertise of the Cyber-physical systems Technical Committee on the development of standards in the field of smart production and their international experience. At the moment, we are bringing the developed standards for public discussion, which will form a common opinion of the scientific community and industrial enterprises”, said Alexey Borovkov, Vice-rector for promising projects of SPbPU, leader (co-head) of the TechNet NTI working group, head of the NTI Center of SPbPU.

The proposed PNSTs were developed within the framework of the national standardization Program for 2020-2021, formed taking into account the proposals of Technical Committee 194 “Cyber-physical systems” in terms of standardization of digital technologies.

“The topic of standards formation has long remained in the shadow of other activities of the NTI and Digital economy, but a change in the perception of its importance and the expected prioritization has occurred. On the one hand, this clearly indicates a certain level of maturity of the implemented initiatives and, on the other hand, forms open approaches to the transfer of best practices and scaling of successful solutions by market participants”, said Nikita Utkin, head of programs RVC , Chairman of TC Cyber — physical systems.

The public discussion of the draft standards will last until March 31, 2021. After that, they will be approved by the Technical Committee 194 “Cyber-physical systems”, and then submitted for approval to Rosstandart.

The text of this draft and materials for comments during the public discussion can be found at  the official website of the Technical Committee “Cyber-physical systems”.


On the TechNet Infrastructure center

The TechNet infrastructure center was established on the basis of The Association of developers and operators of advanced production technologies (“TechNet” Association) following the results of the open tender of JSC RVC in October 2018. The key task of the infrastructure center is to form points of attraction for the accelerated formation of markets in the direction of “TechNet” (advanced production technologies) of the National technology initiative. The infrastructure center is responsible for the formation of a strategic vision for the development of the direction, provides expert and analytical support, accompanies the activities of the TechNet working group and conducts activities to identify and overcome regulatory barriers and restrictions.

On the Technical Committee “Cyber-physical systems”

Technical Committee 194 “Cyber-physical systems” was established on the basis of RVC in 2017. The collegial body acts as a platform for the development of the digital economy and NTI through the development of digital technology standards for new promising markets. The Committee brings together leading scientific and public organizations, technology companies, non-profit organizations of equipment and software developers. Among its participants are Gazprom Neft, Rostelecom, RUSSOFT, Kaspersky Lab, Skoltech, MSTU named after N. E. Bauman, HSE, et al.

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