Six development institutions signed a Memorandum on seamless integration of measures to support technology entrepreneurs


Six development institutes signed a Memorandum on launching a mechanism for seamless integration of support measures. The document was signed in pursuance of the instruction of the First Deputy Chairman of the Government Andrey Belousov. The parties to the agreement were The Russian direct investment Fund (RDIF), the Russian venture company, the SKOLKOVO Foundation, the innovation assistance Fund, the Fund for infrastructure and educational programs, and the ANO Platform for the National technology initiative.

“The launch of this mechanism is one of the key tasks in the field of high technology development for 2021. Seamless integration of support measures is created and implemented in the interests of the technology entrepreneur — these are SMEs, including start-UPS, individual entrepreneurs, individuals and their associations in technology teams, other organizations implementing technology projects”, Andrey Belousov commented.

The project is aimed at creating an effective mechanism of acceleration-from the selection and formation of teams, and then the company, to commercialization and industrial implementation of products. At each stage of the life cycle, the company can rely on an appropriate support tool, primarily financial. If a company is successful, this gives it a certain advantage in getting support in the next stage of growth. At the same time, the tool allows to solve the tasks of reducing the administrative burden on the technology entrepreneur, including reducing the number of requested information and documents, improving the quality of services provided through feedback.

The mechanism works through effective information exchange between development institutions — participants of the agreement — on teams, projects and companies, their development and success. Thus, the decision-making process on support (financing) is facilitated and accelerated. At the same time, the final decision on financing remains with the development Institute.

The implementation of the mechanism of integration of support measures is supported by the logic of the reform of development institutions, which is currently carried out by the Government of Russia. The first pilot group of projects will be able to benefit from related support measures within the framework of the seamless integration mechanism as early as mid-2021.

Director General of the Russian direct investment Fund Kirill Dmitriev noted:

“The development of the technology sector and technological entrepreneurship in Russia is one of the key elements of THE RDIF investment strategy. The recent integration of the Russian venture company into the Fund structure will only strengthen this direction of our activities. High technology is a priority for economic development, and optimizing support measures in this area is a step in the right direction. The joint work of development institutions will allow the most promising projects to receive investments and the necessary assistance faster”.

Seamless support measures have already started to be worked out. In November, at the online intensive “Archipelago 20.35”, organized by Platform NTI and partners, the development institutes tested the process of seamless work with data on projects and teams (digital footprint), as well as seamless evaluation of projects, commented on by Dmitry Peskov, special representative of the President of Russia for digital and technological development, CEO of ANO Platform NTI .

“More than 700 teams from all over the country became participants of the intensive. As a result of the pilot project, 80 projects out of 228 that have passed the examination were recommended for financing under the program of the Fund for assistance to innovations. Several teams became residents of SKOLKOVO. The data on the projects will be updated and used on a permanent basis by the development institutes to provide further support to both the participants of “Archipelago 20.35” and other teams and companies”, Dmitry Peskov said.

“The integration of development institutions is an important step in changing approaches to providing support. It will simplify the process of filing not only applications, but also reporting. Disciplined recipients of support will be able to “seamlessly” tell about their successes to other development institutions, thereby accelerating the receipt of a grant or investment”, commented Sergey Polyakov, Director General of the innovation assistance Fund.

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