Five Russian regions presented road maps for implementation of NTI


According to the instruction of the President of the Russian Federation, the regions should be included in the work on the implementation of projects of the National technology initiative. Within the framework of the online session organized by RVC, representatives of Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Belgorod, Novgorod regions, as well as the Krasnoyarsk territory shared their experience in developing regional documents for the development of NTI.

The main guide for the implementation of NTI at the level of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation is the Regional standard-a set of methodological recommendations that are designed to streamline the work of authorities and business communities to collect and validate NTI projects. 

Alexey Gusev, Director for the development of the innovation ecosystem of RVC , noted that this document will be regularly updated: “The immediate task is to make it flexible and dynamic. The update will be based on best practices”.

A number of regions have made significant progress in the past two years since the standard was developed.

“Only the presence of more than 100 existing boiling Points is a serious infrastructure prerequisite for the formation of influential regional leadership communities, which will include representatives of business, government agencies, and various organizations”, said Alexey Gusev. 

At the same time, the demand for solutions of NTI projects in the regional markets and the availability of services for interaction with NTI in the regions remain the least developed areas.

Denis Shvedov, Deputy head of the Department of the regional Ministry of science and innovation policy, presented the results of the work on the creation of the NTI road map in the Novosibirsk region. According to him, the volume of measures to support NTI in the region this year amounted to about 1 billion rubles. The first road map in the region was developed in 2018, and the greatest effect was achieved in the direction of talent development.

“Now we have come to the conclusion that we need a single coordination center for the entire complex of NTI projects, and this is taken into account in the new map. The regional project office will monitor and monitor the implementation of the road map activities. Its specialists will be deeply immersed in the projects being implemented, they will help them to develop in the right direction, to provide Advisory support on a regular basis”, said Denis Shvedov.

The key directions of the new regional roadmap are the formation of a stable flow of NTI projects, stimulating demand for them, supporting the expert community, developing services and working with talents. To ensure the flow of projects, a NTI project register will be organized, where all information about projects and their needs is systematized. Such a register will be the basis for maintaining constant communication with all participants. Infrastructure development will also be an important focus: mirror NTI competence Centers will be created in the universities of Novosibirsk, cooperation agreements with NTI Infrastructure centers are planned to be signed. Today, the regional Union “Neuronet” is already actively working in the region, and such positive experience can be developed.

The Tomsk region has been involved in the NTI ecosystem since 2016. during this time, a regional innovation community was formed, priority technological trends were determined-from developments in the field of Big Data to intelligent transport systems, medical technologies and new production technologies. The core of innovative players in the region included more than 50 companies and organizations, including INCOM, Mikran, TUSUR and others. An important tool for the implementation of NTI was the creation of pilot areas for the implementation of technologies: thus, the region has its own testing ground for unmanned aerial systems within the framework of the “Taiga” project.

“Thanks to the creation of a well-thought-out ecosystem in 2018, NTI is actively developing in the region. There are four regional competence centres, three boiling Points, more than 700 schoolchildren have undergone educational programmes. Projects to create a marketplace for entrepreneurs, a guide to the cities of the region and much more have been implemented”, said Natalia Artsimovich, representative Of the Department for science and innovation policy of the Tomsk region.

A new road map for the development of NTI in the region has already been signed by the Governor of the region. Its task is not just to expand the flow of projects, but also to work on their quality. Much attention is paid to spot work with development institutions and state corporations, it is also planned to create a regional expert body to assess NTI projects. An important area of work will be stimulating demand for innovative solutions from large companies. In particular, the region plans to create its own IT Park.

Yulia Gribanova, head of the project development Department of the Krasnoyarsk regional innovation and technology business incubator, spoke about the development of NTI in the Krasnoyarsk territory. If the first regional road map NTI prioritized large companies, the updated document focuses on existing projects that need to be combined for better implementation.

“Our strong resource is a dedicated business incubator team and support for RVC . There are projects that are already included in the NTI , we develop these activities through communities, for example, through the already existing two boiling Points, by the way, working on private investment — Yulia Gribanova said. — We are actively working with new markets NTI 2.0. We are developing Energinet and AERONET, and Neuronet already includes 70 projects”.

According to the expert, there is still a lot of work to be done in the region to consolidate the projects, it is necessary to reset the system of interaction of all participants, including the authorities, for their unification and successful interaction. The Krasnoyarsk territory has great potential in the field of unmanned transport, small spacecraft, alternative energy, modern technologies in agriculture and food production.

The priority for development in the Novgorod region are the markets of NTI Marinet (based on the marine center of captain N. G. Varukhin), Energinet, Neuronet, TechNet and AERONET, said Andrey Obraztsov, an expert of the Ministry of digital development and information and communication technologies of the region. He considers the attraction of NTI projects for placement on the territory of the region, the use of the potential of the region as a “blacksmith's shop” and the development of the educational core to be important goals. In particular, the region will launch the Constructorium platform from ASI, where young people aged 14 to 24 years will be able to launch their startup, and through the pilot project factory NTI today, any team from any region of the country can test their technologies in real conditions.

“Our roadmap is still being agreed, but already now it has bright “highlights” that will make next year's work very bright and interesting. Thus, not only will the inventory of all projects be made, but its results will be issued in the form of an interactive map and a rating of the best projects will be created. An infographic will be created that can literally tell unprepared interlocutors why NTI is needed and what IT gives to each participant. We are planning competitions, hackathons, interaction with other regions. New landfills for testing NTI products will be created”, said Andrey Obraztsov. In addition, it is important to fine-tune the mechanism of technology export.

The Belgorod region also forms the road map NTI for the first time. But, as noted by Yulia Pavlova, head of the Department for support of investment projects of JSC Corporation “Development”, part of the implementation of technological projects in new markets has already been included.

“Historically, the priority of the region is the agroindustrial complex, therefore, in the implementation of NTI , we rely on the market of Foodnet, as well as TechNet, HealthNet. We have three boiling Points, Yulia Pavlova said. — “Now, as in the Krasnoyarsk territory, our main task is to unite all participants of the NTI implementation process and inform about the experience of development and implementation. We have planned monitoring activities, extensive communication support, a set of measures to attract personnel and develop innovative technologies”.

The event, organized by RVC, will continue a series of strategic sessions that will identify the initial steps for the development of NTI in each region.

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