Within the framework of cooperation between development institutes and technical committees, a national standard in the field of the Internet of things has been developed


Technical Committee “Cyber-physical systems” on the basis of RVC submits for public discussion the General technical preliminary national standard (PNST) in the field of the industrial Internet of things (IIoT). The document was developed with the support of the Fund for infrastructure and educational programs RUSNANO Group.

Within the framework of Technical Committee 194 “Cyber-physical systems” on the basis of RVC, in cooperation with Technical Committee 441 “Nanotechnologies”, draft project of PNST “Information technologies. The Internet of things is industrial. General provisions” has been developed.

The draft standard was developed within the framework of the national standardization Program for 2020, formed taking into account the proposals regarding the standardization of digital technologies. It defines the General principles for the development of innovative network technologies in the field of the industrial Internet of things (IIoT). In particular, the document will establish General requirements for IIoT products, which should be included in regulatory documents and which should be agreed by the manufacturer/developer and the consumer during deliveries in order to manufacture the final IIoT products with specified characteristics and the required level of quality.

“The developed draft standard is a long-awaited system-forming document in the field of one of the key digital technologies. Secondly, it is an excellent example of cooperation between development institutions to solve common problems of national economy development. Third, it is the transition to a new level of synchronization of activities and coordinated work of several Technical committees-and in the most priority areas of technological development. We hope that the subject of standardization of the Internet of things will be given special attention, especially in the context of the approval by the Government Commission on digital development of the “road map” for the development of the Internet of things in Russia until 2024”, said Nikita Utkin, head of programs RVC, Chairman of TC “Cyber-physical systems”.

“The development of the Internet of things is closely linked to the dynamic spread of nanotechnology, which is somehow embedded in various industrial chains. Standardization is one of the tools for advanced development of high-tech areas, which determines the General principles of interaction between different market participants. Together, in a dialogue with innovative business and Rosstandart, the Fund systematically works to create a comprehensive regulatory support for innovations in cooperation with the relevant technical committees for standardization”, added the Director of the standardization Department Of the Fund for infrastructure and educational programs Yuriy Tkachuk.

The public discussion of the draft standard will last until February 28, 2021. After that, it will be approved by Technical Committee 194 “Cyber-physical systems” and Technical Committee 441 “Nanotechnologies”, and then will be submitted for approval to Rosstandart.

The text of this draft and materials for comments during the public discussion can be found  on the official website of the Technical Committee “Cyber-physical systems”.

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