Over 80,000 Schoolchildren Take Part in the NTI Club Movement Olympiad


Project: The NTI Olympiad

The acceptance of applications for the Olympiad of the NTI Club Movement has ended. Eighty thousand nine hundred twenty schoolchildren from 85 regions of Russia took part in the Olympiad. The most active were schoolchildren from the Moscow Region: 18,768 students expressed their desire to participate in the Olympiad. The second place by applications was taken by Moscow, the third — by St. Petersburg. The fourth and fifth places were occupied by the Novosibirsk Region and the Republic of Bashkortostan.

The most popular areas among schoolchildren were “Information Security”, “Artificial Intelligence”, “Automation of Business Processes”, “Genomic Editing”, “Engineering Biological Systems”, “Autonomous Transport Systems”, “Big Data and Machine Learning”. It is noteworthy that this year, it was not only the profiles that were popular this year, which provide profound benefits for admission and have a prize fund. For example, a unique project of the Olympiad in technological entrepreneurship was included in the top 10 most in-demand areas.

The largest percentage of participants in the new season's Olympiad is studying in 10 grades. It was from there that 15,840 applications came. Grade 11 students are slightly inferior — they have submitted 14,308 applications. Almost the same number of participants came from 9 grades, and eighth-graders were not afraid of older and more experienced students, having sent more than 12 thousand applications.

Every year, the number of schoolgirls participating in the NTI CD Olympiad is growing steadily. In 2020, 46% of applications were received from girls — for comparison, last year their share was 40%, and the year before last — 35%. The most popular profiles among high school girls were “Genomic editing”, “Engineering biological systems”, and “Information security”. The top ten among schoolgirls' directions also included special projects in technology entrepreneurship, urbanism, and scientific media journalism.

Compared to previous years, the number of participants from small towns and villages has also grown. This year, introductory webinars were held for them, where the tasks of the first stages of previous years were examined. This measure allowed schoolchildren to live in cities and other settlements. The educational, technological infrastructure is not yet as developed as in big cities. It goes further than the first stage of the Olympiad and learns from the developers of their chosen profiles.

In the 2020/21 academic year, adolescents were repeatedly invited to participate, who had no previous experience in team engineering competitions but participated in competitions of a creative and humanitarian orientation. This was also done so that as many young people as possible could get an idea of technology and the opportunity to work with it.


The Olympiad of the Club Movement of the National Technology Initiative has been held since 2015 by the Club Movement of NTI, ASI, and RVC. Now the Olympiad is supported by leading technology companies: Rostelecom PJSC, company “1С”, Sberbank's charitable foundation Contribution to the Future, Fund for Infrastructure Educational Programs (RUSNANO Group), Aeroflot PJSC, UAC PJSC, Sukhoi Company, State Corporation Roscosmos, Bayer JSC.

The following companies are the developers of the following profiles: BiTronics Lab — the Neurotechnologies and Cognitive Sciences profile, Lorett — Analysis of satellite images and geospatial data, ASRobotics — Autonomous transport systems, Stem-Games — Nanosystems and nanoengineering, Robotics Development Center ( Vladivostok) — Water Robotic Systems, Pole NT — Intelligent Energy Systems, Insitilab — Wireless Technologies, Cybernetic Technologies — Intelligent Robotic Systems, Brothers Volt — Aerospace Systems, Education for the Future — Communication Systems and Remote Sensing of the Earth, SoftLine Trade — Big Data and Machine Learning, Copter Express Technologies — Flying Robotics, Composites of Russia — Composite Technologies.

The Olympiad's organizing universities are Moscow Polytechnic University, Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Tomsk Polytechnic University, Far Eastern Federal University, and Innopolis University.

Since 2018, within the framework of the NTI Club Movement Olympiad, a student track has been held. Its winners have access to free education in master's degrees and internships in leading companies in the engineering industry. Also, with the support of the ANO Russia — a Country of Opportunities, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives and the Platform ANO NTI, the Olympiad of the NTI Club Movement.Junior for schoolchildren of grades 5–7 has been held since 2019.

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