Lenta and GenerationS Sum Up the Results of the First International Projects Selection


GenerationS, a corporate innovation development platform from RVC, has completed its projects scouting for Lenta — the largest hypermarket chain in Russia. The first selection focus was international projects capable of offering competitive, mature solutions for the retail industry in critical areas.

More than 270 applications from international projects were collected in just a month, where 65% are start-ups from Europe, 18% from Israel, 10% from Asia, and 7% from the USA. Also, applications were received from projects in Australia and South America. Among the leading countries in terms of the number of applications are Israel, the UK, Germany, the USA, and Spain.

Forty-five percent of projects have already launched mass production, and 31% have launched their first sales (pilot production).

Among the main areas of start-ups that took part in the selection were automation solutions and improving the efficiency of operations, marketing, logistics, supply chain, and new services for buyers.

As part of the competition, a separate pitch-session was also held involving start-ups from Israel. The start-up teams received answers to their questions from Lenta representatives. They even got a deeper understanding of the Lenta company, the competition, and the main criteria for selecting projects.

The next stage of the competition is the Start-up Demo Day, which is scheduled for mid-December. Start-up teams will be able to present their solutions to Lenta's top managers. The best projects selected at the end of the pitch-session will have the opportunity to launch paid pilots with the company in early 2021.

Start-ups that have successfully passed the Demo Day will receive the necessary business expertise and methodological support for a successful pilot, access to the essential infrastructure and test sites, and consultations on the localization of products and technologies in the Russian market. In case of a successful pilot, the start-up will conclude long-term cooperation with Lenta and other companies of the Severgroup Investment Group.

Ekaterina Petrova, Director of Corporate Accelerator GenerationS from RVC
For GenerationS, the opportunity to work more closely with the international start-up market is a crucial stage in developing expertise. The innovation ecosystem abroad differs significantly from the Russian one, which allowed us to take an even broader look at what innovative retail solutions are now particularly in demand and relevant worldwide. In a month, we collected a pool of substantial projects that met all the basic requirements of Lenta and offered breakthrough solutions. The search's geography was very extensive since we went beyond the applied priority countries and could attract our infrastructure partners from other regions. For GenerationS, this is the second experience of searching for technologies in the retail section. The first one is associated exclusively with the search for international projects. We are confident that the selected start-ups that will present their solutions at the Demo Day will gain unique experience of working with one of the leading retailers in Russia and will be able to lay a solid foundation for further development in the Russian market.
Vladimir Sorokin, General Director of Lenta
Participation in a corporate accelerator focusing on finding international start-up projects is a new experience for our company. We are already highlighting some projects that meet Lenta's needs and are ready to pilot them. We believe that we will find technologies that will allow us to automate current processes, introduce new services, and ultimately create a unique shopping experience among the announced solutions.


About GenerationS

GenerationS — a Corporate Innovation Development Platform; The largest corporate accelerator in Russia and the CIS. Organized by RVC in 2013. GenerationS implements comprehensive corporate development programs: intracorporate — on the development of internal entrepreneurship; acceleration — for scouting and acceleration of external projects; international — to train employees in the methods of building and conducting innovations based on corporations — global leaders.

Today, the accelerator infrastructure includes 16 thousand start-ups from 30 countries, 400 corporate and ecosystem partners. According to the RBC magazine, in 2017, GenerationS was awarded the largest accelerator's title in Russia. In 2018, it became the best corporate accelerator in Europe, according to the Corporate Startup Summit. GenerationS is also ranked in the Top 5 of the world's best public accelerators, according to UBI Global. In 2020, GenerationS became a member of the INSME Association, an international network for small and medium-sized businesses under the OECD's auspices. In September 2020, GenerationS became the winner in the "Ecosystem Best Practice" category of the ITU competition — the International Telecommunication Union, a UN specialized agency.

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