Start-up Companies Successfully Complet Pilot Tests of Projects for the Pipe Industry within the Accelerator of the CTRP Group and GenerationS


The CTRP Group and GenerationS have summed up the corporate acceleration program results to find innovative projects for the pipe industry. Four Russian start-ups from Moscow, Perm, Yekaterinburg, and Magnitogorsk have successfully covered the path from scouting to pilot testing of their technologies to achieve long-term cooperation with the CTRP Group, one of the leading companies in the metallurgical complex in Russia.

As part of the final defense, the Accelerator's project teams, together with the curators — the company's experts — presented the tests' results to the management of the CTRP Group on the implementation of the latest technologies in the business processes of the metallurgical company.

Thus, the introduction of composite technologies into the technological processes of the CTRP Group will make it possible for the company to organize, based on the existing production, the release of an entirely new type of product: durable, lightweight, and recyclable polymer-composite pipes, and will also increase the resistance of pipelines to mechanical damage.

To improve production's environmental friendliness, one of the start-ups presented technology for cleaning and recycling industrial waste. The technology is based on the use of special coagulants based on pectin in the process of separation of products from the processing of cutting fluids (CF) and significantly reduces the need for third-party waste disposal services. It can be easily integrated into the existing line of equipment and does not require global capital investments.

Thanks to the Accelerator, the CTRP Group tested an innovative development to increase parts and components' strength for the pipe industry. The new technology simultaneously improves products' operational reliability, reduces energy costs, and is absolutely harmless and waste-free.

Another project that has completed the acceleration is devoted to the urgent problem of improving the performance of threaded connections by applying a wear-resistant coating to their working surfaces. Some start-up teams that have entered the accelerator will also continue to implement pilot projects after Demo Day.

Boris Kovalenkov, General Director of CTRP PJSC
The CTRP Group systematically works to find innovative solutions for developing its production facilities and technologies in customers' interests. Partnership with the corporate innovation development platform GenerationS allowed the company to quickly search for the latest developments and implement them into production. The successful interaction between the CTRP Group and start-ups has demonstrated that the domestic pipe industry is making confident steps towards a science-intensive, technological, and digital future!
Ekaterina Petrova, Director of the corporate accelerator GenerationS
Despite the difficulties and limitations associated with the pandemic, the accelerator participants completed piloting projects at the production facilities of the CTRP Group. The teams demonstrated a high readiness to implement their technologies in existing production, a deep understanding of the business and industry specifics, and a willingness to adapt their solutions to the partner's tasks. We hope that their developments will help make a significant contribution to the development of high-tech, efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly pipe production in Russia, which is consistently being developed by the CTRP Group. We thank our partners for their professionalism, openness, and involvement in working with teams. For GenerationS, the most important result of the corporate accelerator CTRP was the formation of unique expertise in the search for start-ups for metallurgy, which is especially interesting due to working with one of the leaders in the pipe industry.

In total, over 300 start-ups from Russia and the CIS countries, the USA, France, Finland, Israel, Canada, Japan, South Korea, India, and Mexico, have applied for participation in the corporate accelerator of the CTRP Group. The projects' main directions were new products and materials, alternative products-substitutes for traditional steel pipes, machine vision systems, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly technologies.


About GenerationS

GenerationS — a Corporate Innovation Development Platform; The largest corporate accelerator in Russia and the CIS, organized by RVC in 2013. GenerationS implements comprehensive corporate development programs: intracorporate — on the development of internal entrepreneurship; acceleration — for scouting and acceleration of external projects; international — to train employees in the methods of building and conducting innovations based on corporations — global leaders.

Today, the accelerator infrastructure includes 16 thousand start-ups from 30 countries, 400 corporate and ecosystem partners. According to the RBC magazine, in 2017, GenerationS was awarded the largest accelerator's title in Russia. In 2018, it became the best corporate accelerator in Europe, according to the Corporate Startup Summit. GenerationS is also ranked in the Top 5 of the world's best public accelerators, according to UBI Global. In 2020, GenerationS became a member of the INSME Association, an international network for small and medium-sized businesses under the OECD's auspices. In September 2020, GenerationS became the winner in the “Ecosystem Best Practice” category of the ITU competition — the International Telecommunication Union, a UN specialized agency.

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