The Moscow Government, RVC, and ASI Sign a Roadmap for the NTI Implementation


It involves implementing activities until 2022 to develop promising NTI projects in Moscow and improve the regulatory framework for the implementation of the initiative.

The roadmap for the implementation of the National Technological Initiative (NTI) projects in the capital within the framework of the Open Innovations forum was signed by the head of the Moscow Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development Alexei Fursin, the director of the Young Professionals direction of ANO ASI Dmitry Peskov and the Deputy General Director — Development Director innovation infrastructure of RVC Mikhail Antonov.

The roadmap presupposes holding joint events until 2022 to develop promising NTI projects in Moscow, providing support to Moscow technology companies through NTI tools, improving legislation, and developing the city's human resources in areas that meet the needs of IT companies. NTI focuses on Russia's development of breakthrough markets and technologies, such as uncrewed vehicles, artificial intelligence, personalized medicine, new energy sources, and quantum technologies.

In particular, in Moscow, it is planned to conduct pilot tests of the latest technological solutions developed by NTI companies and those in demand by the city's economy and involve NTI participants in working out issues on the field's experimental legal regime of artificial intelligence. NTI companies will also be able to take advantage of the Moscow Government's support measures, including subsidies for the purchase of equipment and engineering, place orders on the online service “Exchange of Contract Manufacturing” of the Moscow Innovation Cluster, and participate in the “Moscow Accelerator.” The Moscow government, RVC, and ASI have also expressed interest in holding joint Up Great technology competitions to solve urgent urban problems.

The roadmap also provides for Moscow youth's attraction to participate in educational projects of the NTI Circle movement: The NTI Olympiad, the Academy of Mentors, the Rukami Festival of Ideas and Technologies, and the Practices of the Future project schools.

Alexey Fursin, Head of the Moscow Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development
The purpose of the agreement is to develop Moscow's technology plan and human resources within the National Technology Initiative's directions. The roadmap for implementing NTI in Moscow involves several measures to increase the number of technology companies in the capital to improve the urban environment and the quality of life of citizens. The document considers the initiatives to strengthen the regulatory framework for implementing NTI and talented young people's involvement from the capital in the NTI system.
Dmitry Peskov, Director of the Young Professionals Department of ASI, Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation for Digital and Technological Development
Moscow today is the highest-quality technological breakthrough battalion. According to the latest ratings, the capital entered the ten leading ecosystems in the world for innovation. Moscow's practices as part of the development of cluster policy in the city are incredibly valuable to us. Therefore, we would like to increase the integration level by implementing the National Technology Initiative and other joint projects. Right these days, we are holding a big event, the intensive “Archipelago 20.35”, with collaborative projects to train and increase the number of teams working on tasks in the field of artificial intelligence. We hope that we will expand this level of integration.
Mikhail Antonov, Deputy General Director — Director for Development of Innovation Infrastructure, RVC
A full-fledged infrastructure has been deployed in the capital to support entrepreneurs; conditions have been created for launching and testing large-scale technological projects in the field of uncrewed vehicles, artificial intelligence, and medicine. Together with the Moscow Government, we can effectively use these resources to develop technology business in the NTI markets, to create competitive products in demand in Russia and abroad. The roadmap outlined a clear plan of action and directions for our cooperation for the coming years.

The roadmap details the areas of cooperation fixed in the agreement on implementing NTI on Moscow's territory concluded by the Moscow Government, RVC, and ASI in 2018 during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.


About NTI

The National Technology Initiative is a union of business representatives and expert communities for Russia's development of promising technology markets and industries that can become the world economy's backbone. The NTI community unites entrepreneurs, investors, experts, science, and education representatives — everyone who wants to develop an innovative business and is ready to work together to create new models for making a profit.

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