Ilya Kurmyshev: NTI Support Programs Help Companies Become Market Leaders


On July 7, Ilya Kurmyshev, Director for Development of NTI Markets at RVC, spoke about programs to support high-tech companies at the session: Financing of Medium Enterprises: How Can Businesses Build Cooperation with Development Institutions, held as part of the Innoprom international industrial marathon.

On the platform called Digital RVC, today, four project support programs are available that develop products for the global market and have a direct connection with one of the directions of the National Technology Initiative. The target amount of financial support ranges from 50 to 300 million roubles for projects that last up to three years. Another prerequisite is that the project's initiator must provide 50% of extra-budgetary funding of the total amount of financial support that he expects.

“When evaluating companies, we look at three parameters: technological level, export potential, and business scale. Depending on where there are a gap and the ability to overcome it, the relevant form of support is determined,” Ilya Kurmyshev noted.

One of the most demanded support programs is NTI Export. It is focused on supporting the final stages of product development and its introduction to the global technology market. Medium-sized companies with a high level of technological product readiness can become program participants. According to Ilya Kurmyshev, the effectiveness of their projects is measured primarily by the volume of export earnings achieved.

For large companies that bring high-tech products to the market, which are not always associated with their core business, there is a Spin-off NTI program. Requirements for potential participants are similar — high technological readiness and a benchmark for the global market.

The third program - NTI Technological Breakthrough — supports small companies, as well as teams of R&D centers with earlier stages of development.

“The result of a three-year project within the framework of the program should be a product prototype that surpasses world analogues in terms of characteristics. This is a fairly ambitious level in terms of technologies that need to be developed,” Ilya Kurmyshev emphasized.

Finally, the NTI Infrastructure support program stands out from the rest because it aims to create and support services and infrastructure solutions that help develop globally-oriented high-tech companies in Russia.

According to Ilya Kurmyshev, the programs use two main financial instruments. For most of the new projects, a joint venture SPV (particular purpose vehicle) is founded, where the NTI Projects Support Fund enters the capital, and control remains with the company initiating the project. If we are talking about support at earlier stages, then grant instruments are used.

On the Digital RVC online platform, one can apply for participation in any of the support programs: within a few days, the application goes through the specific examination procedure and then, one by one, all stages of consideration and assessment until the final decision on support is made.

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, it is especially important to support projects in the segments that demonstrate the highest revenue growth.

“Such projects have a real chance to gain a significant share in new global markets, which have significantly accelerated growth under the influence of the pandemic challenges,” Ilya Kurmyshev notes.

In addition to the main programs, in May 2020, RVC launched an additional anti-crisis program of grant support to developers of technology projects to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences. In the fast track format, projects are considered for up to six months and with a budget of up to 50 million roubles, making a significant contribution to the fight against coronavirus. At the same time, a new form of work with projects is under development — open selections, for which technological and product priorities will be determined. For applicants, this means a reduction in the time for making decisions to support projects and the possibility of long-term planning of their launch, taking into account the fixed selection schedule.

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