Fifty-five Projects Participate in the Up Great Security Concepts Competition


As many as 55 applications were received for participation in the competition of concepts aimed at creating “clean zones” during the coronavirus pandemic. The competition is organized as part of the National Technology Initiative.

Applications came from developers located in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Tomsk, Kursk, Ufa, Perm, Cheboksary, Yaroslavl, Vladivostok, Kazan, Ufa, Grozny, Veliky Novgorod, Altai Territory, Volgograd Region, Kemerovo Region, and the Republic of Crimea. Developers from commercial companies and universities presented their concepts.

The nomination “public transportation” aroused the most considerable interest among the participants, which involves developing concepts for “clean zones” for buses, fixed-route taxis, metro, and other types of transport. It received 20 applications. The Concert Halls and Industrial Premises nominations received 18 and 17 applications, respectively.

The Up Great Security competition is aimed at selecting and evaluating concepts of technological solutions that will provide a safe “exit” from the coronavirus pandemic, reduce the distance between people, restore economic activity and expedite the return to normal life. The participants had to present the concept of organizing a “clean zone” at the selected site. These can be solutions related to ensuring incoming control of people and goods, disinfection of visitors, logistics of human flows, microclimate control, etc.

Konstantin Kaisin, Chief Operating Officer of Up Great technology competitions at RVC
The task of ensuring the safety of public places, in our opinion, is multi-faceted. It requires the creation of a whole system of complementary activities and technologies. It is even more pleasant for us that the participants' proposals contain the broadest range of developments: from highly specialized unique solutions to complex systems that can be adapted to different conditions of use. This sort of crowd sourcing provides a wealth of material for analysis and a comprehensive assessment of different approaches to security. It brings us closer to answering an important and complex question: what should be a “clean zone” — a space where people can comfortably and safely interact

The projects will have to be evaluated by a jury, including experts in epidemiology and safety, as well as representatives of transport companies, event organizers, and large industries. Among the experts are representatives of MosTransProekt, the NTI Avtonet working group, R.I.M. Communication Agency, NPO StarLine, WorldSkills, GK InEnergy, Department of Virology of the Faculty of Biology of Moscow State University and Russian National Research Medical University named after N.I. Pirogov.

The winners of the competition will be defined in August. Authors of the best solutions, selected according to the criteria of anti-epidemic and economic efficiency, manufacturability and convenience, will receive cash prizes — 100 thousand roubles in each nomination.

The concept competition results will allow aggregating information on existing and future solutions for the technological support of “clean zones” and their developers in Russia. In the future, this topic will form the basis of the Up Great technology competition.


About Up Great Technology Competition

Up Great technology competitions for innovative Russian companies were initiated as part of the implementation of the National Technology Initiative. Participants are invited to find solutions to the most complex technological problems, which in the world so far have no answers. The winning team that overcomes the global technical barrier receives a large cash prize for demonstrating a precise and repeatable solution to the competition task to experts, the jury, and the general public. Competition mechanics are developed in accordance with the best practices of world technological competitions: XPrize, Darpa Grand Challenge, etc. The operator of the Up Great technology competition is RVC.

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