AI Standards in Medicine Receive Government Support


The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation has supported the development of fundamental standards for artificial intelligence systems in clinical medicine. The initiator of their creation was the profile subcommittee called Artificial Intelligence in Health Care (ПК01 / ТК164), a member of the technical committee TK 164 Artificial Intelligence, based on the RVC.

According to the National Strategy for the Development of Artificial Intelligence until 2030, creating conditions for the use of AI in health care is one of the essential tasks to improve the living standards of the population. The problem of trust in medical intelligent systems and barriers to AI use in medical diagnostics can be removed by standardizing the requirements for test methods for critical smart systems and criteria for confirming their compliance with established requirements.

The initiative to create standards for implementing AI systems in clinical medicine belongs to ПК 01/ТК 164. The subcommittee was organized in January 2020 based on the Diagnostic and Telemedicine Center, headed by Sergei Morozov. The decision of the Ministry of Health suggests that the work on the standardization of AI in clinical medicine is supported at the state level.

“The development of the preceding standards is of particular importance for the creation of a unified system for assessing the safety, accuracy, and reliability of the functioning of systems based on AI in healthcare, both as part of the registration procedure ... and their subsequent effective and safe work,” says the letter from the Ministry of Health of Russia to the Diagnostics and Telemedicine Center.

Following the National Standardization Program for 2020 approved by Rosstandart, ПК 01 will develop drafts of six standards on various aspects of AI functioning in clinical medicine. Two of them will be fully finished by the end of this year.

“There are no unified world standards for the use of AI technologies in healthcare yet,” said the head of Rosstandart Aleksei Abramov earlier. — Intelligent systems can optimise and make the doctor's work easier at every stage — from the first appointment with the patient to the diagnosis and treatment. Given the positive assessment of the launch base by foreign experts, Russia has the opportunity to lead this direction of standardization at the international level,” said Aleksei Abramov, executive of Rosstandart.

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