The NTI Technet Legislative “Roadmap” Updated


The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation together with the NTI working group updated NTI Technet’s “Roadmap” for improving legislation and removing administrative barriers. The updating of the action plan was carried out with the organizational and technical support of RVC, which is the NTI Project Office.

Updating the Roadmap, which was first approved by the Government of the Russian Federation in March 2018, is aimed at ensuring the introduction of advanced technologies that are most relevant for production companies today, including the development of national standards for advanced information technologies and technologies of cyber-physical systems.

During the first stage of the implementation of the Technet Roadmap, it became clear that the critical problems in the field of advanced production technologies are associated more with normative and technical regulation. Therefore, the new version of the plan will focus on standards.

Besides, the updated version of the Roadmap focuses on precise industry areas, in particular, on various applications of composite materials. Thus, standards in engineering and composites will be the center of attention for the next three years.

At the same time, the process of updating the “Roadmap” will not stop with the adoption of one or another change — proposals for the development of a regulatory framework and standards appear and are continuously analyzed. The next updated draft “Roadmap” of the NTI Technet is planned to be prepared in early 2021.

The NTI Technet market is aimed at developing advanced manufacturing technologies. Such technologies include digital design and modeling, new materials, additive technologies, robotics, and industrial sensors, industrial Internet, etc. The implementation of the Technet Roadmap will allow Russian companies to become prominent suppliers of integrated technological solutions for the new generation facilities in the global market.


About NTI

The National Technology Initiative is a long-term program to create new markets and provide conditions for Russia's technological leadership by 2035. NTI focuses on those markets in which it is possible to develop industries of a new technological level that are significant in terms of ensuring national security and a high standard of living for citizens. Today, NTI brings together thousands of people — technological entrepreneurs, representatives of leading universities and research centers, development institutes, authorities, experts, and professional communities. Within the framework of the NTI, 8 “Roadmaps” were approved for the markets of Aeronet, Avtonet, Marinet, Neuronet, Helsnet, Energy, Technet, and the Circle movement, about 500 projects received desired funding. The design office of NTI is RVC.

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