Russia to Create a Scalable Trusted Platform for the Collection and Processing of Sensory Information


According to the results of a competitive selection of leading research centers (PITs) conducted by order of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Media of Russia with expert and analytical support of RVC within the framework of the “Digital Economy of the Russian Federation” national program, the National Research University — Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology (NIU MIET) — received grant support from the government for 300 million rubles for the implementation of the LIC “Trusted Sensor Systems” Program. FACE, together with partners, will develop an “Automated information-monitoring system for collecting and processing sensory information”. The total amount of funds raised for the implementation of the project will amount to 480 million rubles, of which 180 million rubles are the Consortium participants' funds. The project will be implemented at the enterprise of the state corporation Rosatom.

The main result of the implementation of the LIC Program will be an automated information and control system for the collection and processing of sensory information (AIC SSI). This platform solution is intended to ensure that the control processes of touch-sensitive technical systems occur automatically and without the risk of data loss or any distortion. The project is being implemented as part of the Roadmap for the development of “end-to-end” digital technology “Components of Robotics and Sensors”, developed by the Ministry of Communications of Russia in 2019. The consortium has been created specifically for the implementation of the project based on the LIC.

LITS NIU MIET will act as the project's lead contractor and perform system design of AIC SSI following the technical specifications of the industrial partner of JSC Rusatom Automated Control Systems (RASU). Kaspersky Lab, JSC will develop software products, including a secure operating system, for the platform's components. SPC ELVIS JSC will create a specialized component base and a border gateway based on it. Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics (NRU TUSUR) will develop a security concept and methods of providing a power of attorney, assessing threats, and simulating security systems. MIET Innovation Ecosystem Enterprises: JSC Zavod PROTON, JSC Zelenogradsk Nanotechnology Center (ZNTTs), JSC Zelenogradsk Innovation, and Technology Center (ZITTs) within the framework of the project will solve the problems of manufacturing, production, organization of tests, and also co-finance the development.

Aleksey Pereverzev, Director of Research and Development Center based on MIET, Vice-Rector of NIU MIET for Innovation Activities
The introduction of automation in various areas of the economy minimizes human participation in decision-making, which imposes new requirements on the safety of the electronics used in energy, healthcare, transport, agriculture, construction, housing and communal services, and other sectors of the economy. The LIC program “Trusted Sensor Systems” is aimed at solving the problem of safe digitalization of various areas of human activity by creating trusted electronics of digital ecosystems. The designed platform for collecting and processing sensory information is a universal digital solution based on domestic technologies from the electronic component base to the operating system. The platform will be tested and implemented at Rosatom as part of the environmental monitoring task.

The project is unique for Russia since the replicated “boxed” solutions (from terminal devices and boundary gateways to cloud services) are not yet available on the domestic market. The most popular global cloud platforms and software and hardware solutions that provide paid services and provide the final result are Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, MOXA-UC-5112-T-LX, Advantech UTX-3117 N3350 4GB 32GB 4xANT, Flexy 205 Remote Access, Korenix JetWave 4020E. However, connecting to external systems leads to increased risks associated with data vulnerability.

A significant difference between the developed platform solution and its analogs is the provision of a power of attorney, including access control at the component base and the applied secure domestic operating system. The system will be able to counter external threats and protect the information collected from unauthorized access and the possibility of changing or substituting information.

A unique solution implemented in AIC NSI is the ability to connect to the platform advanced software, hardware, and communication solutions for the industrial Internet, such as cloud computing, Edge analytics, IoT-based streaming analytics, and machine learning AI, container security, virtualization technologies. This will ensure the decentralization of computing resources and increase speed and efficiency for distributed analytics systems, particularly monitoring and analysis of data coming from a large number of heterogeneous sensors (sensors).

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