Fidesys to Create a New Generation Digital Means of Strength Engineering Analysis


FIDESYS became the winner of the competitive selection for state support of leading companies, as part of the national program “Digital Economy of the Russian Federation”, which was commissioned by the Ministry of Communications of Russia with expert and analytical support from RVC. The project called “Increasing the level of implementation of the functional parameters of the FIDESYS product line for digital engineering analysis with the creation on their basis of specialized industry solutions and cloud services (Industry 4.0) as elements of new production technologies” has received RVC grant support for 129 million rubles.

The CAE Fidesys program, which received RVC grant for end-to-end digital technology named “New Manufacturing Technologies”, belongs to SAE-systems or systems for automation of engineering calculations. CAE Fidesys is a unique Russian industrial system of digital strength analysis. The essential advantage of the solution is the mixture of standard numerical methods for solving differential equations with the latest spectral element method. This dramatically accelerates the process of complex calculations and greatly simplifies the work of an engineer.

CAE programs help to avoid experiments with real objects and conduct tests on digital models using mathematical modeling. For example, to carry out a computer experiment, having tested the technique for collision (crash tests), to calculate the strength of the product under various loads, from microelements of processors to entire buildings.

The project in the framework of the national program aims to expand the functionality and types of tasks significantly. The updated software product will embrace new models that take into account multi-step loading, phased addition or removal of material, which is essential, for example, in the strength analysis of industrial 3D printing products. It is planned to improve the analysis of wave processes used in ultrasonic research in mechanical engineering.

The “Hard Contact” technology will also be implemented industrially. This will make it possible to solve the problem known to all calculation engineers when it takes a long time to edit or return the digital model of the product received from designers back for revision. The fact is that for calculations, it is necessary to observe the rendered product model's integrity criterion. In dozens, hundreds, and thousands of elements that a digital model can consist of, there should be no overlays or, on the contrary, gaps.

CAE Fidesys is already used in industries such as engine building (PI Baranov Central Aviation Engine Building Institute and others), shipbuilding (some enterprises and United Shipbuilding Corporation design bureau), in the space and nuclear industries, the exploration and development of oil and gas fields (Gazpromneft, Tatneft ) and mining of solid minerals (MMC Norilsk Nickel, AK ALROSA).

FIDESYS is also developing a full-fledged cloud solution, which will make the use of such programs more accessible for small companies or in those instances of one-time settlements when the purchase of a full software license is not required.

The global market for engineering software is growing at about 10% annually and by 2025–26 could reach $13 billion. The Russian market volume is 3–4 billion rubles, and the primary consumers of the systems are state corporations: UAC, USC, UEC, Russian Helicopters, Roscosmos, and others.

FIDESYS Company, founded by graduates of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Lomonosov Moscow State University, has been developing engineering software since 2009. CAE Fidesys is a unique Russian industrial system of digital strength analysis, which uses, in its development, scientific results obtained over many decades at the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Lomonosov Moscow State University, together with the latest world technical achievements. Besides, the company is actively engaged in various educational projects. Thus, hundreds of students and graduates of universities such as Lomonosov Moscow State University, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, MISiS, NRNU MEPhI, and many others.

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