The NTI FEFU Competence Center to Simplify the Treatment of Parkinson's Disease Using Artificial Intelligence


The NTI competence center in the field of “Neurotechnology, Virtual and Augmented Reality Technology” based on the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) creates a system for predicting the development of Parkinson's disease using AI.

The created online platform with artificial intelligence will improve the quality of care due to timely recommendations to the doctor about the prognosis of the disease's development in patients based on the analysis of video recordings of exercises they perform and examination data. An automated system will reduce the burden on patients with this diagnosis and allow doctors to help more people by conducting tests online.

The future prototype of the product is a platform for communication between patients and the doctor through personal accounts. Patients will be able to download data on their physical condition in the form of videos and surveys. Doctors will be able to visualize their condition data and adjust treatment in real-time. A simplified version of the online platform is designed to connect 10–15 patients and one doctor.

At the first stage, it is planned to collect more than 1,000 data sets for training the neural network, which are video recordings of the exercise collection performed by healthy people and patients at different stages of the disease. It is expected that the minimum amount of data will be assembled before the end of 2020.

As part of the system being developed, FEFU students are involved in the project through the ASAP university student placement service plan to create a telegram chatbot that will be interested in mood, state, and offer physical activity tests.

Arthur Biktimirov, Scientific Project Manager, Neurosurgeon, Medical Center, FEFU
The project was initiated to create a digital communication environment between the patient and the doctor, to automate and objectify the process of the doctor's work. Engaged in the surgical treatment of Parkinson's disease, I can confidently say that the presence of such a system will help optimize my work time, save patient data in digital format, and analyze changes in the patient’s state in dynamics.

After testing the online platform for collecting data from patients at the FEFU Medical Center, it is planned to connect several extrapyramidal pathology centers to develop the technology and increase the aggregated data.


The NTI Competence Centres are units created based on educational or scientific organizations. The centers conduct research and educational activities in consortium with leading technology companies in the interest of developing "end-to-end technologies". Among these technologies, there are big data, artificial intelligence, quantum technologies, new and portable energy sources, wireless communication technologies, and virtual and augmented reality technologies. A total of 14 such centers have been created. Until 2021, state funding of the Centres for 10.3 billion rubles is provided. The operator of the NTI Competence Centre project is RVC.

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