Helium-oxygen Mixtures Therapy Can Shorten the Mechanical Ventilation of Patients


The National Technology Initiative Company InertGas Medical has developed helium-oxygen mixtures GelOx and medical equipment for their use, which can be used to increase the effectiveness of standard treatment of consequences of the new coronavirus infection. State registration of the GelOx medicine and a line of medical equipment is scheduled to begin in June.

GelOx is used to reduce the load on the respiratory muscles due to the low density and viscosity of helium. These helium properties are already used in the rehabilitation of patients with chest injuries, intercostal neuralgia, chronic obstructive lung disease, bronchial asthma, and other conditions when a decrease in the load on the respiratory center has a positive effect on the course of the medical or rehabilitation processes. Besides, GelOx makes it possible to improve the delivery of input inhalation medications. When heated, the heat capacity of helium allows the heat of the gas mixture to be longer and deliver it to the bronchopulmonary tree, which improves local blood flow and increases the effectiveness of standard therapy for pulmonary diseases.

In Russia, the technology for the treatment of helium-oxygen mixtures has been developed since 2001 at the Research Institute of Pulmonology of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation under the guidance of Academician A.G. Chuchalin and introduced since 2010 in the Central Military Clinical Hospital named after N.N. Burdenko under the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. Among the achieved physiological effects — an increase in the main ventilation indicators by 10-12%, a distinct increase of blood oxygenation, perfusion of lung tissue, and diffusion capacity of the lungs.

“The available international data and the experience of Russian doctors allows us to state that, within the framework of the current epidemiological situation, GelOx would help to improve the effectiveness of standard treatment of consequences of the new coronavirus infection and significantly reduce the number of patients who require mechanical ventilation. This factor is paramount, since an insufficient number of ventilators is, in fact, the most acute problem that global healthcare has faced,” said Sergey Potapov, the director of InertGas Medical.

The InertGas Medical project entered the list of 25 NTI projects that were proposed to the Government of the Russian Federation to combat coronavirus infection. In June, the company plans to begin the process of state registration of the GelOx medicine and a line of medical equipment for inhalation with oxygen-containing gas mixtures, including heating function.


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