Aeroflot Becomes General Partner of the Anniversary NTI Club Movement Olympiad

Aeroflot Becomes General Partner of the Anniversary NTI Club Movement Olympiad

Aeroflot PJSC will support students interested in engineering and new technologies. The company, for the second time, became the general partner of the National Technology Initiative (NTI) Olympiad, which this year set an absolute record for the number of participants — more than 80,000 students from 85 regions of Russia submitted applications in 30 engineering areas. In just five years, more than 123,000 schoolchildren and students from 765 cities and towns took part in the Olympiad.

By the number of participants, the most popular profiles are Information Security (5,594 applications), Big Data and Machine Learning (4,284 applications), Engineering Biological Systems: Genome Editing (4,225 applications). Most of the applications in 2019 came from the Moscow Region; in previous years, the leaders were St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, and the Nizhny Novgorod Region. Schoolchildren of other countries are also much interested in technology. Citizens of Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, France, Latvia, and Serbia take part in the Olympiad.

In total, 1,084 boys and 319 girls went to the finals. At the same time, as noted in the project office of the Olympiad, every year, the percentage of girls interested in technology is growing: in 2015, it was 35% of them; by 2019, their share increased by 5%.

Aeroflot PJSC supports the NTI Club Movement Olympiad for the second year around. Advisor to the General Director for Innovative Development of Aeroflot Andrey Polozov-Yablonsky told why the company decided to do it again:

“We support the Club Movement of the National Technological Initiative for the second year because the Club Movement shows excellent potential, which must be given the opportunity to develop. In order for the generation of engineers of a new type to grow, it is necessary to restore the status of an engineer — the status that was unfairly lost in the post-Soviet period. At events of this level, where there is high-quality engineering, and dozens of specialized areas, and practice — from testing drones at the training ground, ending with genetic engineering in laboratories, it is difficult not to become interested in technologies, not to see your future in them. We believe that the country's future is won or lost at a school desk. In that unique environment where still very young people are entrusted with solving complicated tasks. Therefore, Aeroflot, as a socially responsible company, is here again and gives “wings” to the future of the country,” said Andrei Polozov-Yablonsky.

Aeroflot, one of the largest technology companies in Russia, continually provides support to socially significant organizations. Partnership with the NTI Club Movement will continue to shape the environment for future technology leaders.

“Each year, the NTI Club Movement Olympiad is supported by more and more influential partners. Aeroflot was one of the first companies. This year, we will pass on to its management a portfolio of participants with the most striking results, and we hope that this story will be interesting to both sides. We want technology market leaders to be able to see the development vector of schoolchildren who have the highest expectations. These young people have a chance to start a career with the strongest professionals,” said Alexei Fedoseyev, President of the Association of Technology Club Participants.

The Olympiad of the National Technology Initiative’s Club Movement is held by the NTI, ASI, RVC Club Movement in association with leading technology companies — Aeroflot, Sberbank's Contribution to the Future Charitable Fund, Rostelecom, 1C, Rusnano, Gazpromneft, Movavi, OAK, Sukhoi, Bayer, and Roscosmos, starting from 2015.

The developers of the profile tasks of the Olympiad are the following companies: BiTronics — the Neurotechnologies and Cognitive Sciences profile, Lorett — Analysis of satellite images and geospatial data, ASRobotics — Autonomous transport systems, Stem-Games — Nanosystems and nanoengineering, Robotics Development Centre ( Vladivostok) — Water Robotic Systems, Pole NT — Intelligent Energy Systems, Insitilab — Wireless Technologies, Cybernetic Technologies — Intelligent Robotic Systems, Brothers Volt — Aerospace Systems, Education for the Future — Communication Systems and Remote Sensing of the Earth, SoftLine Trade — Big Data and Machine Learning, Copter Express Technologies — Flying Robotics, Composites of Russia — Composite Technologies.

The organizing universities of the Olympiad are Moscow Polytechnic University, Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Tomsk Polytechnic University, Far Eastern Federal University, and Innopolis University.

As part of the principal track of the Olympiad, for students in Grades 8–11, competitions are held in 30 engineering areas, a victory in 16 of which gives 100 USE points in a major subject. This brings the possibility of entering leading Russian technical universities. Since 2018, a student track has been held, whose winners have the opportunity to enrol in a master's degree at prestigious universities of the country or undergo an internship in leading engineering companies. In the 2019/20 academic year, in partnership with the ANO Russia — the Land of Opportunities and the ANO NTI Platform, the NTI.Junior Club Movement Olympiad was held for the first time, in which almost 23,000 students of Grades 5–7 took part.


The NTI Club Movement is an all-Russian community of technology enthusiasts. The goal of the Club Movement is to form the next generation of entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists, managers, who can conceive and execute projects, create new solutions and technology companies aimed at the development of Russia and the entire world. To achieve this goal, the roadmap of the National Technological Initiative Club Movement was approved.

Among the initiatives of the Club Movement — design schools and Practices of the Future hackathons, the NTI Class All-Russian Campaign, the mass training, certification and placement of mentors for youth projects — The Academy of Mentors, the RUKAMI ideas and technology festivals, the Space Duty on the Planet program for competitions and projects in space, digital talent management platform, projects like Russia — a Country of the 21st Century Mariners, Engineering Competitions and Contests in Marine Robotics, etc.

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