Russian Schools will Introduce the NTI Classes


In the new academic year, Russian schools will conduct a class of the National Technology Initiative. Any teacher of technical and natural science subjects will be able to receive ready-made assignments for the NTI Class and tell school students about the latest technologies of the future.

Materials of the NTI Classes are designed for school students in grades 7–11. At the same time, the class is composed of several parts, from which, as from a construction set, you can create various options for the lesson: there are videos about promising technological areas, and a set of non-standard problems, focused on practical solutions.

Alexey Fedoseev, President of the Association of Technology Circle Participants
The NTI class not only helps a school student to get an idea of real engineering and get carried away with it. This year, within its framework, children will have access to tasks in neurotechnology, unmanned transport, aerospace systems and many other areas. This class pinpoints the most motivated teachers who want to speak the same language with children, to solve the problems of the future, not those from the past. We invite all teachers and additional education teachers to conduct such a class. We received hundreds of reviews with thanks from the teachers who did this last year.

It is important that such a class does not require special equipment. Any school, club or university with a computer or projector can hold it. This allows students from the most remote regions of Russia to become interested in technologies and get a real idea of them.

All participants in such a class are invited to the NTI Circular Movement Olympiad, where, this year alone, 28 engineering profiles will be presented, the victory in most of which gives 100 USE points in one of the subjects. The results of the Olympiad are accepted by leading engineering universities in Russia.

A novelty developed in 2019 — "The NTI Class — Natural Intelligence" — can be carried out by teachers of natural sciences. The purpose of the class is to show how important natural science literacy is in the modern world, how not to become a hostage to errors and myths. The class participants will be told about the Knowledge League game, the winners of which will get to the finals of the NTI Circular Movement Olympiad in some profiles on favourable terms.

All-Russian campaign — the NTI class is held for the second year on end. Last year, more than 200 thousand teachers in 412 cities of Russia joined it.

In order to receive materials on the NTI class, you must leave a request on the website:


About NTI

The National Technology Initiative is a long-term program to create new markets and provide conditions for Russia's technological leadership by 2035. Within the framework of the NTI, eight Road Maps were approved for the markets of Aeronet, Avtonet, Marinet, Neuronet, Helsnet, Energy, Technet and the Circle movement. About 500 projects received financial support. Among the “end-to-end technologies” of NTI, there are artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, big data, quantum technologies, new and portable energy sources, new manufacturing technologies, sensorics and components of robotics, distributed registry systems, biological property management technologies, neurotechnology, VR and AR. The design office of NTI is RVC.

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