MosTransProekt to Digitise the Movement of Drones at the Final of the Winter City Contest


At the Open Innovations Forum, RVC and MosTransProjekt signed a partnership agreement as part of the final of the Up Great technology contest “Winter City”. Competitions with a prize fund of 175 million roubles aimed at creating an unmanned vehicle for the harsh weather conditions of Russian winter.

Especially for the final tests of the Winter City, MosTransProjekt will create a monitoring system for the movement of unmanned vehicles of finalists at the test site of the NAMI Test Centre. Each drone will be equipped with autonomous trackers, which will allow tracking the movement of vehicles with high accuracy. Data on the route from the trackers will be visualized on the screens in the Monitoring Centre. Thus, spectators will be able to observe the final race in real time, and judges will be able to assess the distance travelled along the route.

Alexander Polyakov, Director of Research Institute MosTransProekt
Creating high-precision maps and keeping them up to date is one of the technological obstacles that can be overcome by creating an unmanned transport control centre. Such centre will allow smart roads to drive/control cars. Tests in a winter city will recreate the most difficult conditions. After this contest, the Unmanned Transport Control Centre can be adapted for urban conditions.
Alexander Povalko, General Director of RVC
To launch the unmanned transport market, it is not enough to have a car as a physical object. We also need the infrastructure that ensures its movement in real conditions. The Winter City Contest has not yet been completed, but now one of its undeniable results has been the formation in Russia of a community of experts from various fields who are interested and professionally involved in creating a safe, effective and comfortable urban mobility system based on the latest technologies.

The final of the Up Great Winter City Contest will be held on December 10, 2019 at the test site of the NAMI Test Centre in Moscow Region. The site will simulate the difficult conditions of an urban winter: poor marking, low visibility of road signs, ice and snowdrifts, as well as recreated movements of pedestrians and other cars.

Five teams will take part in the tests: BaseTracK, StarLine, MADI Winter City, a team of the Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University and AUTO-RTK (a joined team of the Scientific-Design Bureau of Computing Systems and the company “Onboard Intelligent Systems” from Taganrog, Southern Federal University and South-Western State University). The winner will be the team whose drone can overcome the technological barrier, which is to drive 50 kilometres on winter roads in less than three hours, while respecting the rules of the road. The prize fund of the contest is 175 million roubles.

Up Great Contests are organized by RVC, the Skolkovo Foundation and ASI in order to implement the National Technology Initiative and are aimed at overcoming global technological barriers in the promising NTI markets.


About Up Great Technology Contests

Up Great — the largest technology contests in terms of the prize pool in Russia. The competition mechanics are modelled after the prestigious international competitions XPrize, Darpa Grand Challenge, etc. The participants are invited to find solutions to the most complex technological problems, which in the world so far have no solutions. The winning team, overcoming the global technological barrier, receives a large cash prize — up to 200 million roubles — for the demonstration of an understandable and repeatable decision of the competition task to experts, the jury and the general public. In 2018, the first Up Great contests started: “Winter City” and “The First Element”. The operator of technology competitions Up Great is RVC. The co-organizers are ASI and the Skolkovo Foundation.

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