RVC, R-Farm and Sechenov University Sign a Cooperation Agreement


At the Open Innovation Forum RVC, R-Farm and Sechenov University (First MGMU named after Sechenov) announced cooperation with the goal of developing technological entrepreneurship in the field of medicine, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

The goal of the collaboration is to integrate the research and educational potential of medical universities into the Helsnet National Market Initiative ecosystem. The document provides for joint work on educational programs aimed at developing business competencies among students, organizing internships for young entrepreneurs in leading medical and pharmaceutical companies.

The first step will be the development of a profile course in technological entrepreneurship, which in the 2019–2020 academic years will be tested at Sechenov University and then replicated to other medical universities. The course will be practical in nature, and students will work on their own start-up projects during the training. The course program will also form the basis of an online educational platform, on which educational materials, video lectures and other educational content will be aggregated in the public domain.

In addition, the parties agreed to jointly support high-tech developments with growth potential in Russian and foreign markets, as well as stimulate technology transfer and develop innovative infrastructure in the field of biotechnology and medicine.

Alexander Povalko, General Director of RVC
Biotech and medicine are one of the main areas of development of the global technology market. Due to its structure, small and medium-sized companies play the main role in the creation of new drugs and technologies. They assume the main risks of development and the initial stages of the study. The goal of our joint work is fully consistent with the Helsnet NTI roadmap — to involve the maximum number of talented young researchers and scientists in business and design work.
Alexey Repik, Chairman of the Board of Directors, R-Pharm Group
The National Technology Initiative has set itself an ambitious goal — to turn Russia into a world leader in a whole number of high-tech fields. Pharmaceuticals and medicine are, without a doubt, the most promising areas of development. Today’s agreement between leading organizations in these fields of activity opens up enormous opportunities for our country to train a new generation of highly qualified specialists and entrepreneurs who create breakthrough products in their activities that will be really useful for business and society as a whole.
Petr Glybochko, Rector of Sechenov University, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences
As part of the implementation of the 5–100 project, we are creating a new model of a medical research university, in which the entrepreneurial component is given great importance. Over the past years, we have been actively building interaction with leaders of Russian and international business, venture capital funds and expert organizations, and have developed our own competencies in performing full-cycle research. As a result, Sechenov University has created opportunities for implementing entrepreneurial projects, as proposed by our researchers, so by any teams of our country. I am sure that as a result of the creation of the course we will see many high-quality projects, and subsequently — original domestic developments.

The NTI Helsnet market supports and develops companies that create biotechnological and medical products and services that lead to a significant improvement in human health and quality of life in Russia and in the world. According to forecasts, the global Helsnet market within the global healthcare market will reach $2 trillion by 2020 and more than $9 trillion by 2035.


About RVC

RVC is a state fund of funds, the Development Institute of venture industry of the Russian Federation. The main objectives of RVC, JSC to stimulate creation of Russia's own venture capital industry and execute functions of the Project Office of the National Technology Initiative (NTI). The authorized capital of RVC is more than 30 billion roubles. One hundred per cent of the RVC capital belongs to the Russian Federation represented by the Federal Agency for Management of State Property of the Russian Federation (Federal Property Management Agency). The total number of funds formed by RVC has reached 27; their total size is 51.3 billion roubles. The share of RVC is 26.8 billion roubles. The portfolio of RVC's funds includes 202 portfolio companies. The total volume of invested monetary funds is 17.8 billion roubles.

About R-Farm Group of Companies

R-Pharm Group of Companies is a leader in innovative health technologies. It is founded in 2001 by A.E. Repic. It employs more than 3,000 highly qualified specialists. The group of companies operates throughout the Russian Federation, in the CIS countries, the USA, Germany, Japan and others. There are more than 70 branches and representative offices. R-Pharm specializes in research and development, production, commercialisation of high-tech medicines, laboratory equipment and medical equipment. The portfolio of the group of companies includes drugs of various pharmaceutical groups, including oncological, hematological, cardiological, immunological, antibacterial, and antiviral, including HIV therapy, agents used in organ transplantation, treatment of multiple sclerosis, haemophilia, as well as muscle relaxants, radiopaque means and preparations for anaesthesia.

About Sechenov University

I.M.Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University (Sechenov University) — the largest international medical research university, founded in 1758. It trains future leaders of domestic and foreign health care. The university’s mission is to create conditions for the development of medical education and science, which will ensure a worthy place for Russia in the global healthcare system. The strategic goal of the I.M.Sechenov First MGMU is to build a reference model of a first-class international research medical university number one in Russia for interaction with international partners in the field of biomedicine.

The University provides a full cycle of educational programs for talented students from all over the world, leads the way in the creation and implementation of effective multidisciplinary models and methodologies of medical education, and trains qualified medical personnel for Russia, countries of the near and far abroad, taking into account leading international practices. A Member of the International Association of Universities. Based on the First MGMU there is a representative office of the Association of Medical Education in Europe — AMEE.

About NTI

The National Technology Initiative is a long-term program to create new markets and provide conditions for Russia's technological leadership by 2035. NTI focuses on those markets in which it is possible to create industries of a new technological order that are significant in terms of ensuring national security and a high standard of living for citizens. Today, NTI brings together thousands of people — technological entrepreneurs, representatives of leading universities and research centres, development institutes, authorities, expert and professional communities. Within the framework of the NTI, 8 “road maps” were approved for the markets of Aeronet, Avtonet, Marinet, Neuronet, Helsnet, Energynet, Technet and the Circle movement, about 500 projects received funding. The design office of NTI is RVC.

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