Vocord will Check Unmanned Vehicles for Compliance with Traffic Rules


To do so, at the NAMI training ground, where unmanned vehicles will be tested as a part of the final of Up Great technology contest “Winter City”, the company will install a VOCORD Traffic control system.

Unmanned vehicles and their ability to drive around the city will be tested this December at the test site of the NAMI Test Centre in the Dmitrovsky District of Moscow Region. Unmanned vehicles, a 50 km route with different road conditions, 3 hours to complete the track and harsh, winter weather conditions — all these await the finalists of the Winter City, a technology competition organized by RVC, the Skolkovo Foundation and the Agency for Strategic Initiatives.

Competitors' Unmanned vehicles will not only have to overcome straight sections of roads, drive through city blocks and traffic jams, but also demonstrate good results in recognizing traffic conditions and follow the traffic rules. For this, a traffic control system will be installed at the practice ground.

Fedor Smirnov, Marketing and International Development Director, Vocord Company, a partner of the final trials of the Winter City Contest
For an unbiased assessment of following traffic rules by unmanned vehicles, we will install several stationary complexes of automatic photo and video recording. It will be three complexes of VOCORD Cyclops, which detects speed violations on straight sections of roads, and two more compact VOCORD MicroCyclops for crossroads. The latter will record exit to the oncoming lane, a U-turn in a prohibited place and a pedestrian not allowed.

The complexes will transmit information about committed violations, vehicles license plates via Wi-Fi and mobile communication channels to a central server, from where information will be broadcast on screens at the Monitoring Centre. This will allow participants and spectators to monitor the situation at the training ground quickly.

The Up Great “Winter City” contest is aimed at overcoming the global technological barrier to driving unmanned vehicles in extreme weather conditions and further developing autopilot technologies that are maximally adapted for use in Russian climatic and road conditions. Five teams will take part in the final of the competition: BaseTracK, StarLine, MADI Winter City, a team of the Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University and AUTO-RTK (a joined team of the Scientific-Design Bureau of Computing Systems and the company “Onboard Intelligent Systems” from Taganrog, Southern Federal University and South-Western State University). The winner will be the team whose Unmanned vehicle can overcome 50 kilometres on winter roads in less than three hours, while respecting the rules of the road. The prize fund of the contest is 175 million roubles.


About Up Great Technology Contests

Up Great is the largest technology contests in terms of the prize pool in Russia. The competition mechanics are modelled on the prestigious international competitions XPrize, Darpa Grand Challenge, etc. The participants are invited to find solutions to the most complex technological problems, which in the world so far have no solutions. The winning team, overcoming the global technological barrier, receives a large cash prize — up to 200 million roubles — for the demonstration of an understandable and repeatable decision of the competition task to experts, the jury and the general public. In 2018, the first Up Great contests started: “Winter City” and “The First Element”. The operator of technology competitions Up Great is RVC. The co-organizers are ASI and the Skolkovo Foundation.

About Vocord

Vocord Company, a Russian developer and manufacturer of intelligent transport systems, professional video surveillance systems and video analytics. Vocord technologies are used for fixing traffic violations, monitoring and analytics of traffic flows, managing parking space, in intelligent video surveillance systems. The VOCORD systems have been implemented in more than 2,000 projects of commercial and government organizations in more than 70 projects of the "Safe city" class in Russia and abroad. Vocord is a resident of the Skolkovo foundation, a portfolio company of the funds' S-Group Ventures and Leader-innovations, created with the participation of the RVC Capital, a member of the ONVIF professional association and Russian biometric company. The company's production is certified according to ISO 9001: 2008. The VOCORD solutions are distributed through a partner network in Russia and abroad.

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