Cryptography Laboratory Opens at NTI Competence Centre Based on MIPT


The Laboratory of Intelligent Cryptographic Systems has opened at MIPT. It was created based on the Competence Centre of the National Technological Initiative in the field of Artificial Intelligence together with Virgil Security, Inc. The company specializes in encryption and cryptography. International companies such as Google Firebase, Twilio, and Nexmo use their developments.

Laboratory researchers will develop a system for the analysis and protection of photo and video materials using integrated data protection and an artificial intelligence system. Photos and videos will be checked for authenticity and integrity during processing and distributed storage. The purpose of the system is to protect against deep fake technology based on artificial intelligence. With its help, you can synthesize a human image and overlay it on a video. Technology can be used in information wars and therefore poses a threat.

The laboratory invites you to join the research of MIPT students who are interested in cryptography, who can work with server programming languages and microcontrollers, who know the principles of video codecs.

Laurent Hakobyan, Head of Laboratory, Development Director of the Central Scientific and Research Institute of MIPT
We are delighted that a laboratory has opened in our Centre in partnership with one of the recognized world leaders in its industry. This is a great achievement due to the effective work of the team to attract external customers to the MIPT's internal projects.

The laboratory opening was attended by more than 80 representatives of innovative companies, such as Rosatom State Corporation, Rostelecom Solar, MegaFon PJSC, Gazprombank — Asset Management CJSC, World Bank, QRate, and others.

In 2017, MIPT was selected as the NTI Competence Centre in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The activities of the Centre are aimed at the development of artificial intelligence technologies and their applications in various areas of the economy.


The NTI Competence Centres are units created based on educational or scientific organizations. The centres conduct research and educational activities in consortium with leading technology companies in the interest of developing "end-to-end technologies". Among these technologies, there are big data, artificial intelligence, quantum technologies, new and portable energy sources, wireless communication technologies, virtual and augmented reality technologies, and others. A total of 14 such centres have been created. Until 2021, state funding of the Centres for 10.3 billion roubles is provided. The operator of the NTI Competence Centre project is RVC.

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