“RTM Diagnostics” will develop a sensor for determining the temperature of the brain


The RVC Biofund portfolio company received a Skolkovo Fund mini-grant for 5 million roubles for the development of the RTM-Brain microwave sensor. The device will allow you to visualize the temperature of the brain for the prevention and treatment of stroke.

The RTM-Brain will be the first portable product in the world to use passive microwave radiothermometry technology to measure the temperature of internal brain tissue. The data can be used to identify the rehabilitation potential of patients with acute cerebrovascular disease (stroke), in particular in the prevention and treatment of stroke. Temperature measurement will allow you to judge the degree of brain damage, as well as assess the risk of its occurrence.

Vladimir Nizhnev, General Director of RTM Diagnostics LLC
In the field of the development of devices for medical microwave radiothermometry, our company is ahead of leading foreign scientific schools. The RTM-Brain microwave sensor is planned to be developed by the end of 2020. I believe that within 2-3 years it will have no analogues in the world. The first potential customers for RTM-Brain will be Russian manufacturers of craniocerebral hypothermia devices for the brain and intensive care units. Subsequently, as new medical technologies for the use of microwave radio thermometry are developed, RTM-Brain will find its place in the departments of neurology, traumatology and orthopedics, and rehabilitation centres.

RTM Diagnostics specializes in the development and commercialisation of deep radio thermometry technology. The technology is based on measuring the intrinsic electromagnetic radiation of human tissues in the microwave and infrared wavelength range. This method allows non-invasive detection of temperature anomalies at a depth of several centimetres and an early diagnosis of various inflammatory processes and diseases. For example, a high level of metabolism is characteristic of a cancerous tumour, since the cells in it multiply very quickly. Therefore, the temperature of this site will be elevated. The technique is harmless and can be used as an express diagnostic method.

In July 2019, the company's product — an RTM-D2M radiothermograph for the early diagnosis of breast cancer — received a registration certificate from Roszdravnadzor. The first deliveries of the hardware-diagnostic complex are scheduled to begin before October 2019. Even now, specialists from the RUDN Medical Institute, the Research Institute of Emergency Pediatric Surgery and Traumatology, the City Clinical Hospital in Zhukovsky and several private medical centres in Moscow, Voronezh, and Tambov have become interested in the radiograph. The Moscow Innovation Agency also recommends RTM Diagnostics products for inclusion in the List of innovative, high-tech products and technologies.

RTM Diagnostics is included in the portfolio of RVC subsidiaries. In 2015, the company attracted 43 million roubles of investments from the RVC Biofund and the NPO “Fund for the Modernization and Development of Technologies”.


About RVC subsidiaries

RVC's subsidiary funds include the RVC Seed Investment Fund, the Civil Technology Fund, the RVC Biofund, and the RVC Infrafund. The portfolio of RVC subsidiaries includes about 100 companies in high-tech sectors of the economy, among which are ExoAtlet, Ubic Technologies, National BioService, CGM Genetiko, IBRiS, etc. The management company is RVC Infrafund. The total amount of funds under management is 5.9 billion roubles.

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