Severstal will seek new technologies among the participants of the TechUspekh-2019 rating


Severstal, one of the world’s largest vertically integrated mining and steel-casting companies, has become one of the partners of the TechUspekh-2019 rating. Its participants — Russian high-tech companies boasting high leadership potential — will gain an opportunity to create joint projects with Severstal as well as pilot their developments on its industrial sites.

In connection with the transition of Severstal to the “open innovations” model, there is a need to attract new technological solutions in the market. The company is actively working with start-ups, and launched in 2019 its own internal and external SteelTech accelerator. The Severstal Ventures Corporate Fund invests in projects in the field of new materials (advanced materials) and innovative metallurgy technologies.

Severstal also plans to search for promising technologies and new product solutions among the participants of the TechUspekh rating. The company's experts will evaluate projects in such areas as machine building, engineering, industrial equipment, and energy engineering. The specialists of Severstal are ready to provide participants with their industrial expertise as well as share the forms for further partnerships and possibilities of testing their developments on enterprise assets.

Dmitry Gorbachev, Director of Business Systems Development, Severstal
The Severstal’s vision is to become a leader of the steel industry of the future, which means a more innovative and technological company. We are open to new ideas and carefully explore the market to discover all possible prospects. We need to build cooperation with external partners to maintain a high level of innovation and a constant influx of fresh ideas. We see several exciting areas in the TechUspekh-2019 rating and look forward to a fruitful cooperation with technology leaders, which, without doubt, are its participants.
Mikhail Antonov, Deputy General Director — Director for Development of Innovation Infrastructure, RVC
The TechUspekh rating forms a model and sets the standards for selecting promising high-tech companies featuring high leadership potential in the Russian and global markets. It is no coincidence that leading domestic and foreign corporations today see TechUspekh as an effective tool to enhance their competitiveness. The development of a partnership of rating participants with industrial company holdings is an important task. Such cooperation leads to a synergy which opens up additional growth opportunities both for large businesses and medium-sized high-tech companies.

TechUspekh rating has been formed by RVC annually since 2012 and is aimed at finding, monitoring, and promoting promising fast-growing technology companies boasting high leadership potential in both the Russian and global markets.

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