RVC in cooperation with other development institutions will support Innovation openness model and launch “Pilot Factory”


The agreement on promotion of growth model for innovation openness of large companies, developed at the initiative of Agency for Strategic Initiatives, as well as on launch of “Pilot Factory” for technological project implementation had been signed by RVC, VEB.RF, Agency for Strategic Initiatives, Skolkovo fund, Internet Initiatives Development Fund and Roscongress fund. The signing took place within the XXIII St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

Within the agreement, the parties agreed on joint search and selection of technological projects and their structuring for the needs of large business and state corporations, as well as on the finance assistant conditions to the most promising developments. The parties of the agreement will also assist the large companies in practical approval and implementation of the best Russian and international practices of the innovation management included in the growth model for innovation openness of large companies.

The work will be based on the principle of the project office, which will simplify and accelerate the decision-making. Technology companies will get access to the services of development institutions at any development stage - from initial consultation and product presentation at specialized exhibitions to financing the final implementation.

Alexandr Povalko, General Director of RVC
Since 2013, RVC has been consolidated the interaction expertise of the small technology companies and large corporations within the accelerator GenerationS. Over the years, more than 15,000 startups have passed through the accelerator's funnel, and over 150 of the largest Russian and international companies have become the GenerationS partners. We use the accumulated experience to further enhance the business openness, to develop an innovation culture and to successfully pilot new technologies.
Svetlana Chupsheva, General Director of Agency for Strategic Initiatives
Working with projects, we see that the main innovation demand in Russia is now being shaped by large business and the state. With the help of the developed growth model for innovation openness of large companies, we plan to replicate the best practices and instruments of innovation management created in Russia and in the world. I am sure that thanks to the experience and efforts of all parties of the agreement, we will be able not only to help the corporations in finding and implementing new technological projects, but also to facilitate the access of small Russian businesses to the innovation market.
Aleksey Ivanchenko, Deputy Chairman of VEB.RF
Creation of a comfortable business environment for technology companies is a complex task, which involves, among others, the regulatory restriction minimization and the openness increase of the largest market players. In this case it is very important that the innovative developments meet all quality, safety and usability requirements. I am sure that having combined the development institution competences, we will be able to achieve the maximum effect.
Kirill Kaem, Senior Vice President of Innovations of Skolkovo fund
The main task of the fund is to support the innovative developments and to promote their commercialization. We work closely with colleagues in this direction. The task specified by the President to accelerate the structural economy changes requires the effort consolidation of all development institutions. And a good start for this document implementation is the fact that currently more than 10 of our innovative companies, which meet the specified requirements for financing availability, have already been sent to VEB.RF.

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