Sistema, RVC and NTI platform will cooperate in social technology development


On June 07 the agreement on cooperation in technological project development and implementation for solving the social problems had been concluded by Sistema, RVC and INPO NTI Platform at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. The document had been signed by Andrey Dubovskov, President of JSFC Sistema, Alexandr Povalko, General Director of RVC, Anna Yanchevskaya, President of Sistema Charitable fund, and Dmitry Peskov, General Director of INPO NTI Platform, Special presidential representative on digital and technological development.

The agreement provides the partnership of RVC, INPO NTI Platform, JSFC Sistema and Sistema Charitable fund on conduction issues of technological contests. Currently, a series of Up Great contests are being held within the National Technology Initiative, co-organized by RVC. The main goal of the contests is to overcome the technological barriers in various industries and find the breakthrough solutions to the most complex global challenges.

In 2018, for the first time in Russia, a technological contest model was used to solve the social problems - the social investment operator of JSFC Sistema (Sistema Charitable fund) announced the launch of research project “Odyssey”, aimed to create the technologies for search and rescue of missing people. “Odyssey" contest brought together more than 1000 enthusiasts: scientists, entrepreneurs, students, engineers, developers, government officials and volunteers. 130 engineering teams from 42 cities of Russia proceeded with the applications for participation in the contest. The project final will be held in Autumn 2019.

Andrey Dubovskov, President of JSFC Sistema
The advanced technology development is one of the key propriety areas of the Corporation. The investment vector displacement to the technological environment is not accidental - thanks to the engineering development in Russia, we can even today turn the innovative development results into reality not only to increase the efficiency of various industries, but also to solve the most important social and technological problems. I am sure that by signing this agreement, we are making the utmost importance step in support of the research and development activities in Russia.
Alexandr Povalko, General Director of RVC
The work with the corporations is one of the strategic priorities of the National Technology Initiative. Our task is to offer comfortable formats for cooperation between large business and small technology companies, combining their interests and opportunities to create the breakthrough products at the NTI markets. It is very important that JSFC Sistema not only shares the NTI values, but is also ready to provide support to specific projects.
Dmitry Peskov, General Director of INPO NTI Platform, Special presidential representative on digital and technological development.
The state should invest with good strong technology partners, preferably from private Russian business, with global ambitions. If all goes well with us and I am sure of it, it will become a model work. And in a few years we will see dozens of agreements like this, but this will remain the first.

JSFC Sistema pays great attention to promising research and development, creating its own research and development centers and actively interacting with scientific and research organizations, including the Russian Academy of Sciences and a number of academic institutions. By number of the IT-industry deals for 2016-2018. The corporation is consistently in the top three of the Russian market of the corporate venture capital investments. The corporation took the lead in the list of the most active venture capital investors for 2018, compiled by RVC. In the past year JSFC Sistema announced 15 investment deals. it is the largest market indicator. The fund portfolio of JSFC Sistema comprises about 30 startups in all.


INPO NTI Platform

INPO NTI Platform is a long-term comprehensive program to create conditions for ensuring the Russian company leadership at new high-tech markets that will determine the global economy structure for the next 15–20 years. The NTI includes the project and program complex aimed at the active involvement of Russia in the formation of the future global market standards and the obtainment by the Russian companies a significant share at these markets. A significant program role is assigned to companies with the “NTI genome” — teams of talented like-minded people who can effectively cope with global technological challenges.

JSFC Sistema

PJSFC Sistema is a publicly-traded diversified Russian holding company serving over 150 million customers in such industries as telecommunications, high technology, banking, retail, wood processing, agriculture, real estate, tourism and health care services. The company was established in 1993. Its revenue in 2018 reached RUB 777.4 billion, its total assets equalled RUB 1.5 trillion as of 31 December 2018. JSFC Sistema global depositary receipts are listed under the symbol “SSA” on the London Stock Exchange. JSFC Sistema ordinary shares are listed under the symbol “AFKS” on the Moscow Exchange.

Sistema Charitable fund

Sistema Charitable fund is one of the leading charitable funds in Russia, the main charitable activity operator of the donor companies of JSFC Sistema Group. The key objectives of the fund are to provide everyone with the opportunity to develop their own potential in the technological environment for free, to facilitate the appearance and implementation of new technological inventions and services, as well as to improve the society life quality by means of technology.

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