RVC and NUST MISIS have concluded an agreement on cooperation


The agreement on cooperation and partnership had been signed by Alevtina Chernikova, Rector of NUST MISIS, and Alexandr Povalko, General Director of RVC, within the XXIII St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. Key direction of the party cooperation is the implementation of combined technological contests of the National Technology Initiative.

RVC and NUST MISIS confirm their intention to jointly hold an international contest Ice Vision, which was initiated as part of a series of the NTI technological contests of Up Great. This contest is a “satellite” of the “Winter City” contest, in which the participants develop unmanned vehicles capable to move independently in Russian winter conditions. Ice Vision is aimed to develop software based on artificial intelligence, which will allow unmanned vehicles to navigate the roads in difficult weather conditions. The contest participants are technological teams, young specialists, as well as students and schoolchildren aged from 14 to 30 years.

In the future, RVC and NUST MISiS intend to cooperate on preparation and conduction issues of other technological contests, to provide mutual expert support in the formation part of competitive tasks, technical requirements to the participant developments and the competitive test organization.

Alexandr Povalko, General Director of RVC, technological contest operator of Up Great
Concept development and contest conduct ion of the NTI is a sophisticated problem that requires a deep technological expertise along with an excellent understanding of field-oriented market and competitive environment. RVC is interested in involvement of expert community, commercial companies and universities in order to form the future contest tasks. We have already successfully cooperated with MISiS within the youth contest Ice Vision. In the future, the signed agreement will offer opportunities for partnership across a wide project range.
Alevtina Chernikova, Rector of NUST MISIS
NUST MISIS prepares the future researchers and engineers, who possess competencies in specialties that are just emerging and are capable to solve the most important science and technology problems in global digitalization conditions. The university has been cooperating with the Russian Venture Company in the area of the development and implementation of innovative educational programs since 2013. The agreement, signed today, will allow us to significantly expand our cooperation, including in the area of quantum technologies and preparation of a new generation of young professionals in order to conduct the breakthrough research.



The National University of Science and Technology MISIS is one of the fast developing research and educational centers of the country. NUST MISIS is also a full-fledged research center. The university holds leading positions in the world university rankings by subject of THE, QS and ARWU in ten directions at once, entering the top 100 in the categories of Engineering-Mining (QS ranking) and Engineering-Metallurgy (ARWU ranking), in the area of materials science NUST MISIS is in the group of 101+ top universities (QS ranking). The university comprises 9 institutes, 6 branches — 4 in Russia and 2 abroad. More than 17 thousand students and postgraduate students from 75 countries around the globe study at NUST MISiS. The University has over 30 scientific labs and 3 world-class engineering centers, in which the most leading scientists of the world and Russia are working. NUST MISIS successfully implements joint projects with the largest Russian and foreign high-tech companies.

About Up Great Technology Contests

Up Great is the largest technology contests in terms of the prize pool in Russia. Competition mechanics are designed on the model of prestigious international competitions XPrize, Darpa Grand Challenge, etc. Participants are suggested to find solutions to the most complex technological problems that the world has not had solutions yet. The winning team, which has overcome the global technological barrier, receives a large cash prize — up to 200 million rubles for the demonstration of a clear and repeatable decision of a competitive task to experts, the jury and the general public In 2018, the first Up Great contests started: “Winter City” and “The First Element”

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