A virtual platform for unmanned maritime navigation to be created under the NTI support


The Inter-Agency Working Group (IWG) on the development and implementation of the National Technology Initiative has approved the support of the project of the NTI MariNet market to create a platform for virtual modeling of crewless maritime navigation.

The project is executed by Kronstadt Technologies together with the Krylov State Research Center and the Aviation and Marine Electronics Scientific Production Enterprise (NPE AME) and will be implemented under the financial support from the NTI. The goal of the project is to create a platform for crewless maritime navigation (CMN) which is open to third-party developers and enables to create and analyze various conditions for automatic vessel control in a virtual reality mode. Currently, CMN technologies are the most topical trend in the development of the global and Russian industry — both for the civilian fleet and for the Navy.

“Highly automated watercraft help reduce the number of crew on board, the costs of which now make 30 to 40% on average of the vessel’s daily operating expenses. This is one of the key possibilities for shipping companies to cut costs. At the same time, CMN technologies reduce the influence of human factor, which is the main reason of incidents in the shipping safety and economic losses associated with inefficient vessel management,” said Alexander Pinsky, General Manager of MariNet Industry Expertise Center.

Currently, unmanned boats and autonomous underwater vehicles in Russia and worldwide are used to solve a number of special tasks. However, wrong decisions taken when increasing degree of maritime navigation automation could be extremely costly. Trial-and-error techniques in this area on real vessels are extremely dangerous, expensive and require a great deal of time due to the rarity of extreme situations: fog, storm, equipment failure, etc.

The implementation of the NTI MariNet project will help create an open platform for virtual modeling of thousands of situations and action options under the automatic and remote vessel control conditions. And there will be a safe and cost-effective way in place to do that. The platform will be used by various consumers — developers of CMN, shipping companies, classification societies, training centers — for the safe development, testing, certification and statutory regulation of crewless vessels and their subsystems as well as personnel training. Virtual modeling will significantly cheapen these works and facilitate the cooperation of various industry participants.


About NTI

The National Technology Initiative is a long-term program to create new markets and provide conditions for technological leadership of Russia by 2035. 8 “road maps” were approved within the NTI for the development of the markets as follows: AeroNet, AutoNet, MariNet, NeuroNet, HealthNet, EnergyNet, TechNet and Circle Movement. About 500 projects received funding. The design office for NTI is RVC.

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