NTI Competence Centres will develop "Digital Economy" roadmaps


"Rosatom" State Corporation announced the winners of the contest related to development of the "Digital Economy" roadmaps. Nine roadmaps for the main national project areas will developed in total. 4 of 9 winners — National Technology Initiative (NTI) Competence Centres.

NTI Innopolis University Centre will develop a roadmap in the area of "Robotics and Sensory Components", Far East Federal University NTI Centre will develop a roadmap in "Virtual Technology and Augmented Reality", NTI Centre in Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University for "New Production Technologies", National research technical university "MISiS" — "Quantum Technology".

Roadmaps are to organize system work related to development of the cross-platform digital technologies in Russia. They will include analysis of the current state of the industries and technologies, determine their development trajectory and be a reference point for the state support measures. Planning horizon for the future roadmap is until 2024. The documents should be provided for discussion at the forum "Digital Industry of Industrial Russia" that will be held in Kazan in May 22-24.

"Results of the contest selection confirm relevance of the NTI Competence Centres expertise in creation of the system plans related to development of the corresponding cross-platform technologies. Participation of the NTI Competence Centres in development of the roadmaps in the area of "Digital Economy" national project makes it possible to consider the existing headstart and provide coordination of such roadmaps with NTI agenda", Arsen Gareev, director of NTI Technology Development Management Centre noted.

NTI Competence Centres are the subdivisions created on the base of the educational or scientific organizations. Centres carry out research and educational activity in consortium with the leading technological companies for "cross-platform technology" development. These technologies include big data, artificial intelligence quantum technologies, new and portable energy sources, wireless communication technologies, virtual and augmented reality technologies. 14 Centres are created in total. Funding in the amount of 10.3 billion roubles is to be provided to the Centres by 2021. Russian Venture Company is an operator of the NTI Competence Centres project.


About NTI

National Technology Initiative is a long-term program aimed at creation of new markets and development of the conditions for technological leadership of Russia by 2035. Within NTI framework, 8 roadmaps are approved for the following markets: Aeronet, Autonet, Marinet, Neuronet, Healthnet, Energynet, Technet and Circle movement, about 500 projects received financing. NTI project office is RVC.

About Digital Economy

National program "Russian Digital Economy" is, by 2024 inclusively, one of 12 projects developed to execute the order of the president dated May 2018. It includes six federal projects: legal regulation of the digital environment, informational infrastructure, human resources for digital economy, information security, digital technologies and digital state management.

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