Unilever company selected 11 start-ups for participation in the corporate accelerator.


Selection of the technological start-ups for participation in the Unilever corporate accelerator based on the GenerationS by RVC has finished. Based on the results of the face-to-face presentations delivered by 16 start-ups in the field of food production and promotion, 11 projects that address the partner request more were selected.

Accelerator participants will pass through the three months development program and pilot tests of their technological solutions in real business processes. Each team will have a personal mentor that will help to accomplish technological solutions for further integration. At the end of accelerator, the best start-ups will get an opportunity to scale their business all over the world together with Unilever.

"I would like to thank GenerationS accelerator for the opportunity to cooperate with the start-ups on a new level. On the final stage, our specialists were able to examine 16 projects in detail, get acquainted with their founders — many of them demonstrated good cooperation potential. Some ideas and technologies seemed perspective to us and we plan to interact with these companies after the contest", Food, Tea and Ice-Cream Marketing Vice-President at Unilever Maria Bagrova commented.

"Usually innovation is understood as artificial intelligence and robotics, though experience selecting the projects for Unilever accelerator showed that there are enough really innovation solutions in the field of FMCG — biodegradable package, automated systems and 3D-printing. The selected projects are already well worked, that is why they have good chances for success based on the pilot testing results", Ekaterina Petrova, Director of GenerationS corporate accelerator noted.

Unilever accelerator for innovation start-ups in the field of food production, storage and packaging is launched in July 2018. More than 190 teams from 51 cities of Russia, Kazakhstan, Israel, Ukraine, Belarus and UAE submitted applications for the entire project period.


About GenerationS

Federal platform for the development of corporate acceleration tools. It has been held by RVC since 2013. At the moment, accelerator infrastructure includes more than 14 thousand start-ups from 30 countries, 400 corporate and ecosystem GenerationS partners became the first Russian accelerator included in the international accelerator network GAN, created by Techstars.

About Unilever

Unilever works on the Russian market for 25 years. Currently, Unilever has four big production clusters: food and ice-cream in Tula region, tea, cosmetics and household chemicals in Saint-Petersburg, cosmetics in Ekaterinburg and ice-cream in Omsk. Total volume of the company investments in the Russian economy exceeds 195 billion roubles, the number of employees in Russia is about 5000 people. Portfolio of Unilever trademarks includes such well-known brands as Calve and Baltimor mayo, sauces and ketchups, Knorr seasonings, Carte D’Or, "Zolotoy Standart" and "Magnat" ice-cream, tea "Beseda", Brooke Bond and Lipton, cosmetic products Dove, Rexona, "Chernyi Zhemchug", "Chistaya Linia", household chemicals Domestos and many other. From 2010, Unilever implements its own Plan of sustainable growth and life quality increase with the help of its brand programs with socially significant mission.

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