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ExoAtlet company, an RVC Biofund's portfolio company, announced the alfa-prototype of ExoAtlet Bambini produced in a single copy


Russian children exoskeleton ExoAtlet Bambini is developed for more efficient neuro-rehabilitation of children and teenagers with locomotor disorders, which will allow the patients to increase their independence and quality of life.

Combination of walking in exoskeleton with the different types of neuro-physiological stimulations will significantly streamline training of children in walking and create synergetic rehabilitation effect.

"Our key idea is to develop exoskeleton even for the smallest children that just started learning how to walk and for older children up to 150 cm height. The exoskeleton will be designed for use in the clinic and the simplified model would be used for daily trainings at home. Cloud service will make it possible for the doctors to remotely monitor the trainings and control the process", Ekaterina Bereziy, co-founder of the AxoAtlet project.

ExoAtlet Bambini development started in January 2018. Current stage is laboratory testing. The next step is production of the next version and preparation for the clinical testing with the children in clinic.

Preliminary, in summer 2018, clinical research of rehabilitation efficiency of teenagers with ICP was conducted with the use of the ExoAtlet exoskeleton improved for the patients more than 150 cm height. 22 teenagers, average age is 13 years participated in the research. The results were provided by the leading research associate of FSBI "Evpatory military children clinical sanatory named after E.P. Glinka" of the Ministry of Defence S.V. Vlasenko at the second international symposium devoted to ExoRehabilitation ExoRehab Spotlights on December 5, 2018: For the entire group, the scientists noticed 100% "freedom effect" — a child felt it easier to walk, walk speed and balance increased, which is absolutely a result of muscle tone normalization and of walking in artificially realized model of physiological standard. This effect was observed in all clinical groups and didn't depend on severity of the clinical presentation of disease, muscle spasticity extent, contracture intensity, remedial measure carried out previously.

Besides that, every teenager was able to see some absolutely new personal results that have never been observed during previous various rehabilitation courses.

"After 10 trainings, average walk speed increased, steps became more symmetric, walk phases were remodelled, i.e. time of forefoot flexion-momentum decreased, muscle spasticity decreased to 2 points according to Ashword", S.V. Vlasenko noted.

Infantile cerebral paralysis is a serious global problem. In Russia, ICP is discovered in 8000 thousand children. In total, about 100 000 children require rehabilitation in our country. There are 15 million children in the world that lost their ability to walk because of the various disorders: ICP, spinal cord injury, muscle weakness. There are no certified children exoskeletons on the global market. And only in 30 clinics in the Russian Federation, the expensive Lokomat complexes produced by Hocoma are installed, and only a small part of them is equipped with the additional expensive option for children. Use of rehabilitation exoskeletons gives an opportunity to equip a greater number of clinics which allows the faster and more complete restoration of the patients and the reduction of the treatment total cost.


About ExoAtlet company

ExoAtlet is a Russian company engaged in development and production of exoskeletons, creation of the efficient rehabilitation methods for the patients with consequences of spinal injuries, suffered stroke, ICP, multiocular sclerosis and other nosology. The key task for the exoskeleton is to ensure efficient rehabilitation of the patients with locomotor disorders of lower limb and in perspective — restoration of the patient's motor function. ExoSkeloton is a young and dynamically developing innovation start-up launched in 2013. In June 2014, ExoSkeleton won the Russian national start-ups contest Startup Village and became a resident of the Skolkovo information technology cluster. For 6 years, several exoskeleton modifications were created and mass exoskeleton production started. The Neuronet task force of the National Technology Initiative supported the project of creation of children exoskeleton ExoAtlet Bambini.

"ExoAtlet" company is a portfolio company of RVC Biofund.

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