Meeting on development of the NTI competence center in "Artificial intelligence" direction based on MIPT


On February 8, a meeting on development of the NTI competence center in "Artificial intelligence" direction based on MIPT was held. Heads of IT directions and experts in companies digitalization from different industries as well as representatives of the innovation start-ups discussed forms and directions of interaction between NTI MIPT CC and business and opportunities for commercialization of AI-developments that are of real interest for commercial organizations. Representatives of the World Bank, "Alfa-Bank", "Gazprobank-Assets Management", "S7 Group", "Servity", "VISILLECT", "Virgil Inc.", Clover Group, GenezisTechCapital, "Nanosemantika" and other. RVC acted as an intermediate between science and business contributing to tight cooperation.

CEO of RVC Aleksandr Povalko opened the meeting:

"Today, participation of business is especially important in determination of technological priorities, identification of the projects with the biggest potential and maximum readiness to launch on the market".

Director for Development at NTI MIPT CC Loran Akopyan told of the certain projects of Competence Center and rich abilities of the Center to access advanced technologies and highly qualified personnel, in particular, access to those project leaders in AI field that are prepared by the RVC department at MIPT within the framework of its master programs.

"The center should become a point of concentration for knowledge and point of attraction for all big Russian business and for start-up community that will use abilities of the Center to overcome technological barriers and create new digital companies. We consider that those researches and developments the Center has today will become a base for the entire digital economy of the country", he noted.

"Interaction with the Center will provide an opportunity to use the existing developments, in particular those related to math modelling and big data analysis and will allow to apply the accumulated experience, expertise and products to solve business tasks", Director of Big Data department at "S7 Group" Andrey Alferov noted.

The Head of the Market Analysis and Development of Investment Products "Gazprombank — Assets Management" Boris Popov emphasized that it is necessary to increase information level of business in respect to potential and opportunities of the Center teams and laboratories and distinguished two directions of possible cooperation: search for innovation technological instruments used for promotion of the company on the innovation market and evaluation of the potential non-standard solutions that can be used in the process of investment management of the funds of their customers.

"At "Alfa-Bank", a separate direction related to data monetization where artificial intelligence technologies and advanced analytic are used. That is why we see big potential in cooperation with the Center from the point of view of using of the best practices of MIPT laboratories in the field of artificial intelligence to solve our business tasks", Andrey Kutovoy, director of the department at "Alfa-Bank" told.

"We see the important role of the system integration in translation of the real customer demands to scientific organizations for the purpose to launch the bridge between the fundamental scientific research in the field of artificial intelligence and its successful application", Sergey Soldatov, Sales Director at "Servity" said.

"Competence center may become a credible AI projects expertise center both in their theoretical feasibility and demonstration of the real results and stated qualities. I mean not only consulting services provided by the Center laboratories, but also training of the specific specialists in digital business transformation", Andrey Bolshakov, general director of "VISILLECT" emphasised prospectivity of collaboration.

Representatives of the World Bank expressed readiness to determine and work together with the Center over the main directions of interaction and cooperation in respect to AI development including attraction of the international experience.

Meeting participants specified the projects under which they will interact and marked joint work fields: exchange of experience in the field of promotion on the foreign markets, holding of "demo-days", technology "fake" expertise, consulting, testing of the "long" products. Such meetings of NTI MIPT CC and representatives of the business community are planned to be held regularly.

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