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The results of the National Fast Growing Companies Rating "TechSuccess-2018" have been announced.


RVC named the winners of the seventh annual National Rating of the Russian high technology fast-growing companies "TechSuccess-2018". This year, 129 companies are included in the rating; their aggregate revenue reached 207 billion roubles.

"TechSuccess" rating organized by RVC is compiled annually in partnership with Association of the Russian Innovation Regions and National Research University "Higher School of Economics". Rating methodology is developed by PWC.

"TechSuccess" is aimed at search, monitoring and promotion of the perspective fast-growing technological companies that have high leadership potential on both Russian and global markets. The most successful participants are determined in the categories: TOP-5 big companies with revenue 2 billion to 30 billion roubles; TOP-5 medium companies — with revenue from 800 million to 2 billion roubles; TOP-5 small companies — with revenue up to 800 million roubles; TOP-15 fast-growing companies — by revenue growth rate; TOP-15 innovation companies — companies that produce high technology products and TOP-15 by the export volume.

The first place among the fast-growing companies was taken by the company from Vladimir region "ThermoLaser" LLC that works in the field of laser technologies in machine building. Revenue growth rate of the company is 5 times higher than average indicators of the rating participants.

Top ten most innovation enterprises is headed by "Georesonans" LLC (Moscow) that is engaged in CBM jobs. For the last three years (2015-2017) company's expenses for development of innovation products exceeded hundreds of millions roubles. Besides, the company is actively expanding to Chinese market.

Export volume leader is a vendor of thermoelectric refrigerating micro-modules and generators "RMT Company" LLC (Moscow). Company export share for the previous year exceeded 90% of the total turnover.

In 2018, 88 new companies were included in "TechSuccess" which is 68% of the total number of rating participants. And small high technology companies demonstrate confident growth: their number in rating increased by 30% and constituted more than 55% of the total number of participants. Companies from this exact segment became leaders in the share of expenses for technological innovations in revenue; share of such expenses for the last three years is not less than 30%. Average expenses of all rating participants for technology innovations for this period are not less than 10% of revenue.

According to the companies analysis, during the last 5 years, rating participants launched on the Russian market at least one new or significantly improved product developed based on their own results or results acquired from R&D. Average share of expenses for R&D for 2015-2017 is not less than 5% of revenue. In 2018, average age of the participants is 16 years, which shows gradual youthification of the companies that are included in the rating (in 2017  — 18 years, in 2016 — 21 years accordingly). Only one fourth of the rating companies is located in Moscow, the rest 75% participants represent different regions of Russia: Saint Petersburg (14%) Nizhny Novgorod (5%) Novosibirsk (5%) and other.

More than 70% of the companies participating in the rating export their products to external markets (average export share in the revenue among big companies — 9%, average — 18%, small — 11%). The main export direction is ex-USSR countries — shipments from 69% of exporters lead here. In perspective of next 5 years, 26% of the companies that in 2017 were not engaged in export are going to launch their products on the global market.

In general, "TechSuccess" companies are actively developing different perspective technologies of the National Technology Initiative. The most part of the companies (70%) work in the new production technologies segment, 44% - wireless connection technologies and "internet of things", 43% — in the field of big data. The most perspective NTI markets for the participants are Energynet (42%), Healthnet and Marinet (41%).

Mikhail Antonov
 — deputy CEO — Director for innovation infrastructure development at RVC
Annual "TechSuccess" rating is the efficient search instrument for potential leaders of the national technological business. RVC actively interacts with the rating participants helping them establish relations with the credible research centres, big Russian corporations and development institutions. Every year, a share of companies founded after 2008 crisis is increasing in the rating. Such generation shift increases chances of the national business for successful competition with the global leaders.


Top-15 companies by growth rate:

  1. "ThermoLaser" LLC 
  2. "Fibre Optic Cable Systems" JSC 
  3. "Numeric Mechanics" JSC 
  4. "Georesonans" LLC 
  5. "Tion Smart Microclimate" JSC 
  7. "Tatneft-Presscomposit" LLC 
  8. "R&D GELAR" LLC 
  10. "Marine research center of MSU n.a. M.V. Lomonosov" 
  11. "RM Nanotech" JSC 
  12. "QuadroCom" SC 
  13. "SELDON" SC 
  14. "SPLIT" LLC 

Top-15 innovation companies:

  1. "Georesonans" LLC" 
  2. "Technospark" SC 
  3. "SuperOks" CJSC 
  4. "T8" LLC 
  5. "Aerob" LLC 
  7. "LEMS-T" LLC 
  8. RPE "Laser Systems" LLC 
  9. "Continuum" Engineering and technical center JSC 
  11. "Scientific and production center of Magnet hydro-dynamics" LLC 
  12. RPC "Polus" JSC 
  13. SPLIT" LLC" 
  14. "Perspective technology center" SC 

Top-15 exporting companies:

  1. "RMT Company" LLC
  2. "SDTB "Catalizator" JSC
  3. "Fibre Optic Cable Systems" JSC
  4. "Astrosoft Internation" LLC
  5. "Bioamid" JCS
  8. "RM Nanotech" JSC
  9. "TONK Group of Companies" LLC
  10. "F-Line Software" SC
  11. "Rubius Group" LLC
  12. "Nordicraft Company" LLC
  13. "SiSort" LLC
  14. "SimbirSoft" LLC
  15. RPE "PRIMA" LLC"

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