PM&HM Company attracted 305 million roubles from the Fund of NTI projects support


Fund of NTI projects support will invest 305 million roubles in the charter capital of the company Personal Medication & Health Management (PM&HM). The project was approved within the framework of the NTI Healthnet roadmap.

PM&HM company developed a new delivery method for active pharmaceutical ingredient to the human organism to cure serious diseases. The development is based on the technology of creation of the nanoaerosol (particle size 50 to 300 nm) from the pharmaceutical products used to cure tuberculosis and oncological diseases existing on the market. The key difference of aerosol delivery is significant reduction of the side effects in the therapy. Such nanoaerosol can substitute intake of a number of severe drugs in chemotherapy programs.

In order to implement the technology, the company develops a special nanoaerosol inspirator and information service to manage treatment from the cloud platform and iOS and Android app. The software will not only identify every patient and accurately estimate the received dose, but it also will collect, process and store impersonal data of patient treatment.

"It is not enough just to reduce treatment toxicity. The key problem of tuberculosis treatment all over the world is absence of patient retention. Within the project framework we solved this problem, which according to the representatives of the World Health Organization, is a new global revolution in tuberculosis treatment", Oleg Abdiev PM&HM founder says.

The company has already carried out pre-clinical tests of the first antituberculosis drug and developed inspirator prototype that is now passing through the state registration procedure. The aim is to equip by 2025 not less than 30% of all medical institutions specializing in tuberculosis treatment with PM&HM devices, it will help to increase treatment efficiency of the severe and socially significant diseases. The scientists continue trials to use the technology to treat oncological, cardiovascular and other diseases.

"The most complicated and expensive process during project implementation on the pharmaceutical market is organization and carrying out of the pre-clinical and then clinical trials of the drugs. Investments made by the Fund of NTI projects support help to significantly streamline implementation of the nanoaerosol treatment technology in a wide range of diseases", Oleg Abdiev comments.

"PM&HM is one of the first companies in the National Technology Initiative that received financing in the form of direct participation of the Fund of NTI projects support in the company capital. The agreement provisions state the possibility of the share buyback by the founders during 3 years. Thus, we implement repayment financing instruments in addition to grants support and investment via venture funds", Alexandr Povalko, General Director of RVC commented.

In 2017, PM&HM company also received investments from IIDF in the amount of 120 million roubles.

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