Participants of qualification tests of Up Great Winter City Contest determined


13 teams will become participants in Up Great Winter City Contest qualification tests. The competition aims to create an unmanned vehicle capable of traveling in the extreme conditions of the Russian winter. The teams will test their unmanned vehicles in February-March at NAMI practice ground in the Moscow Region. The contest final will be held in December 2019, the winner will receive 175 million rubles.

13 teams will become participants of Russia’s first tests of unmanned vehicles in the winter road conditions. Development teams from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Tomsk, Ryazan, Ulyanovsk, the Kursk, the Vladimir, the Rostov and the Chelyabinsk regions entered the qualifying stage of Up Great Winter City Contest organized by RVC, ASI and Skolkovo Foundation.

From February 26 to March 5, the teams will have to test their unmanned vehicles at NAMI practice ground in Dmitrovsky District of the Moscow Region. The participants will have to perform a series of tasks that will allow them to test the vehicles’ abilities to adequately recognize and react to road situations in difficult weather conditions, with poor markings, low visibility of road signs, ice and snow drifts.

The qualification stage tasks include moving around obstacles, moving in traffic, moving through a signaled and non-signaled crossings, turning left, parking, etc. The conditions of the real urban environment will be imitated at the practice ground: pedestrian and other car movements and road works will be simulated. The teams successfully completing at least half of the tasks will reach the final.

Qualification teams

  • SmartVision Tomsk (Technical Vision Alliance, Tomsk); 
  • SnowBot (Aurora Robotics, Moscow); 
  • Icy Riders (Sever LLC, Ryazan); 
  • Innoteam (Innopolis University, Republic of Tatarstan); 
  • ITS SPRUT (ITS SPRUT LLC, Magnitogorsk); 
  • NSTU (Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University); 
  • StarLine (StarLine, St. Petersburg); 
  • AUTO-RTK (a joint team of the Scientific Design Bureau of Computing Systems and Board Intelligent Systems from Taganrog, the Southern Federal University and the Southwest State University); 
  • Winter city MADI (the Moscow Automobile and Road Construction State Technical University); 
  • Alpha (the Kovrov State Technological Academy, the Vladimir Region); 
  • CVLRobotics (the Moscow Polytechnic University); 
  • BaseTracK (Energo LLC, Moscow); 
  • RoboLife (the Ulyanovsk State Technical University).

The final tests of the contest will be held in December 2019. The winner will be the team whose vehicle will be able to overcome the technological barrier — drive 50 km on winter roads in less than three hours, while respecting the rules of the road. The contest prize fund is 175 million rubles.

Up Great Winter City Contest is held as part of the National Technology Initiative and is aimed at finding breakthrough solutions in the field of unmanned vehicles. Up Great Contests is organized by RVC, Skolkovo Foundation and ASI.

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